Real Estate Investing That Beats All Other Forms of Real Estate Investing

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Real estate investing in residential real estate tops all other kinds of real estate investing techniques, says Dr. Phil Speer, noted real estate investing authority acclaimed in the Wall St. Journal.

Real estate investing is universally known to be profitable and sound. Real estate investing typically exceeds the ROI from stock investing. Real estate investing has been historically included in the portfolio of the world’s wealthiest. Best of all, one of the best advantages of real estate investing is that it can be started and operated on a shoestring budget.

From a lifetime spent in several entrepreneurial enterprises, I started real estate investing after a serious business failure. I had no cash and no credit after my three retail stores failed in a new mall that generated no traffic. Real estate investing appealed to me, so I started buying cheap houses with a $10 bill and a mortgage assumption. I bought $1 million worth of these little houses the first year, and owned $10 million of them in 4 years. Real estate investing made me a multi-millionaire in 3 years. I was recognized in the Wall St. Journal, and awarded a Caribbean cruise as one of the nation’s top real estate investing entrepreneurs. So I came to really like real estate investing.

Real estate investing takes many forms. Commercial property is the preferred form of real estate investing to some. Others like new construction, while others develop raw land. My start in real estate investing was rental property, but now I call my landlord days “My $10 Million Mistake.” Managing and maintaining rentals is not as prolific today as it was 25 years ago when interest rates were 25% and inflation was rampant. My favorite form of real estate investing today is “Makeover Madness.” Real estate investing is most quickly profitable when a “Junker” can be converted into a “Doll House.” I earned $97,645 in only 7 months last year fixing up 4 cheap little houses.

My eyes were initially opened to the benefits of real estate investing when I bought my family a home in 1970 for $27,000 and sold it in 1978 for $67,000. The light bulb went off in my head when I realized my profit was $40,000 in eight years (or $5,000 a year) for just living in a house. And I had not even painted it! (The same house sold recently for $200,000!) This single personal experience convinced me that real estate investing is profitable and sound.

Real estate investing can be started with very little seed money, yet real estate investing can return over $10,000 per remodeled house. While promoters of real estate investing seminars and TV infomercials typically charge $3000 or more to learn real estate investing skills, the same real estate investing savvy can be acquired for a $100 bill.

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