Inflammation Epidemic Threatens Americans' Health and Health Care System.

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Scientist's Discoveries Offer New Treatment, New Hope. Heart disease is the #1 killer of Americans. Cancer is the #1 fear of Americans. Alzheimer's is the #1 concern of Americans.

What do these devastating illnesses have in common? All three have been linked to silent inflammation, a condition that occurs when the body's natural immune response goes awry yet is not perceived as outright pain. Though it usually begins as a defensive reaction to invading viruses and bacteria, this inflammatory response can misfire, sparking a chain reaction of inflammation anywhere in the body. Fueled by obesity, it may continue unchecked for years, assaulting the heart, arteries, and even the brain.

New research confirms that obesity is a primary cause of silent inflammation and has been linked to today's epidemic rise in heart disease. The implications are nothing short of alarming. Though the science of this relationship is complex, the bottom line is simple: If not arrested and reversed, silent inflammation will bankrupt an increasingly stressed health care system.

The good news is that Dr. Barry Sears is on the front lines waging war against this insidious attack. Dr. Sears has spent his career probing the delicate hormonal chemistry that controls our health and wellness. Best known as the author of the #1 New York Times best seller, The Zone, he has done pioneering research on the- devastating effect of elevated insulin levels due to high-carbohydrate diets. His work on insulin control coupled with his prior research on eicosanoids

(exceptionally powerful hormones derived from fats) led him into a whole new field of study--the dietary role 9f the Zone Diet and high-dose fish oil to control silent inflammation. In the process, he discovered that the battle against silent inflammation £ElL be won if we employ the right weapons to "keep the barbarians (the inflammation that is generated by excess body fat) at the gate."

The critical key to Dr. Sears' groundbreaking research are ultra-refined EP A/DHA concentrates. Light years beyond predecessors like cod liver oil and health food store fish oil supplements, ultra-refined EPA/DHA concentrates" when taken in appropriate therapeutic doses, have the power to reverse silent inflammation in just 30 days. In Dr. Sears' view, this combined dietary approach of the Zone Diet and this new "weapons-grade" fish oil may be a true miracle cure for the twenty-first century because of its ability to reduce silent inflammation without any apparent side-effects.

Dr. Sears' discoveries on hormonal balance and its relationship to better health are legendary. He has been a long-time advocate for the need of constant proper control of insulin levels and their impact pn silent inflammation as the key step in the battle against chronic disease. After years spent establishing the link between obesity and inflammation, the medical establishment has finally caught up. Now that medical science can track silent inflammation, it's obvious that the" condition cuts across what have been previously unrelated fields of medicine.. Finally, research proves what Dr. Sears has spoken about for nearly a decade: silent inflammation is fueled by obesity and is generating an explosion of chronic and acute disease that threatens our lives and our entire health care system. Heart disease is the #1 killer of Americans. Cancer is the #1 fear of Americans. Alzheimer's is the #1 concern of Americans.

If obesity is the mitigating factor fueling this silent inflammation, why not put greater emphasis on weight loss? Because the threat is immediate, dangerous and it demands quick action. External factors make it virtually impossible for an entire population to lose weight quickly, effectively and permanently, explains Dr. Sears, especially considering the power of commercial food industries and the country's ingrained eating habits. Instead, the fight must focus on stopping silent inflammation, and the best way to do it is through the combination of the Zone Diet and high-dose fish oil.

Clearly, the issue of diet must be moved out of philosophy and politics and onto the agenda as a national health priority. As an expert in this area, Dr. Barry Sears is leading the charge and his message is clear: By controlling silent inflammation, we can reverse chronic disease, increase longevity, and save a health care delivery system that is perilously close to collapse. It will not be able to handle the coming epidemics if we delay in treating this now.

Dr. Barry Sears is a lipid scientist who is widely published and holds thirteen U.S. patents in drug delivery and hormonal control technology. He is an articulate spokesperson on a variety of health-care subjects relating to silent inflammation, its threat, and dietary solutions to the problem. KT Public Relations.

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