A "New" Sister Sports Talk Show Team, The Sport Mavericks Host a Roundtable Discussion With "Football Moms" of Elite Athletes in College and in the NFL

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On Tuesday, January 18, 2005 at 8:00pm. eastern standard time on (voiceamerica.com) internet talk radio, Sport-Mavericks, hosts, Ida Muorie and Elleanor Starks, Pittsburgh Steeler Rookie Max Starks, welcomes Brenda Roethlisberger mother of Ben Roethlisber, AP Rookie of the Year to a roundtable discussion with parents of "elite athletes, Travis Johnson-Eleanor Johnson (FSU); Wesley Bryant-Fonda Bryant (Wake Forest); Jonathan Colon-Neida Colon (UF); and Matt Leach-Joyce Leach (UF). Elleanor and Brenda will discuss Ben's and Max's journey to the NFL. Elleanor and Brenda will also discuss some of the choices they had to make as parents for their "elite athlete." The most frequent asked questions by parents of an "elite athlete" will be answered by this distinquish panel.

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The 2004 NFL Draft was highlighted by the unprecedented number of Juniors that were drafted - nearly fifteen. Quarterbacks Eli Manning and Phil Rivers taken early in the first round were expected to make significant contribution to their respective teams, but the season was celebrated by a Junior, Ben Roethlisberger from Miami of Ohio, a small midwestern university. Ben was taken 1st-round 11th overall and was considered as the third best quarterback in the draft. Ben however silenced the critics when he lead his Steelers to a 15-1 season and won the AP Rookie of the Year. In Ben's first AFC Playoff against the Jets, Ben would not be denied in overtime. Ben lead a deceive drive in overtime to set-up a winning field goal for Pittsburgh against the New York Jets and earn the Steelers an opportunity to play for the AFC Championship on January 23, 2005. Ben became the 4th rookie to win his first playoff since 1970 NFL merger.

Ben's teammate third rounder, Max Starks also had a great year and quieted the critics. When the NFL teams heard the announcer declare that Max Starks was an "eligible receiver" they knew a major play was coming on offense. With Max's wingspan of 8'feet and his massive body of 6'7 and 334 pounds, as a rookie he quickly became one of the anchor of the Pittsburgh Steelers on special plays. His Rookie season may be capitalized by still another major accomplishment, that even his Pro-Bowler father, Ross Browner was not able to achieve, winning a super bowl.

Ask NFL Coaches Bill Cowher, Tony Dungy, Bill Mora, Herman Edwards, Mike Tice and Andy Reed, "when does school really begin for football", and they will tell you in the "NFL." "The NFL is an experience that no "elite-athlete" will experience in college, according to Steelers Player Development Director, AG Griggs." "The playbooks are thicker than college, the season is longer, and everybody is good. The stakes are higher, and the lifespan of your career can be cut short by injuries or your inability to make the team roster. Everybody has a mortgage to pay, a car note, and want to send their children to college. If you don't make the team roster or the team's practice squad you go home. It doesn't matter that your school won a division championship, the national championship, the Heisman Trophy or that you were a first, second, third rounder. If you can't play in the NFL you go home."

So what does it take to make it as a rookie. Max Starks, Rookie for the Steelers sums it up in an earlier guest appearance on Sport-Mavericks, Smarttalk for Parents and Athletes by saying: "It is not about pedigree, it is about listening and learning from the 'Best.' You have to have humility, not believe your own press. You must contribute to the Team's success quickly and embrace a new philosophy immediately. It takes 'sheer determination' when you feel like you want to give up, but you reach down deep and you find your reserve. You reach out to your support groups like parents, friends, relatives, veteran football players and old coaches always. Your support group is like your 'circle of strength.' You must love football day and night. Be focused. I stress you 'must' do the the necessary work and complete your assignments. And I stress you have to always work on your mind, body and spirit everyday to stay alive in the NFL. Welcome to the NFL."

About "The Show"

Elleanor "Mamma" Starks will lead the parent discussion as she shares the journey of her son Max Starks to the NFL, AFC Playoffs and the AFC Championship Game as a rookie. She will be joined by Brenda RoRoethlisber as she talks about her son's Ben journey to the NFL. Ida Muorie will discuss specific resources and tools that parents will need heading into the 2005 NFL Draft, as she discuss the intricacies of the process.

About "Sport-Maverickstm"

"sport-Maverickstm" brings education and athleticism together to level the playing field for parents of athletes. Sport-Maverickstm takes sports off the kitchen table and into the boardrooms and warrooms of sport organizations. The show presents real life experiences and solutions that help parents and athletes navigate through the challenges of playing sports and going professional. "Sport-Maverickstm" also educates the general public by presenting athletes that are "True" role models making major contributions on the field and off the field.

Host/Executive Producer and President and CEO of IRM Production Company, Ida R. Muorie, is an experienced public speaker, seminar leader, published author, sports advocate, and former Chaplain and Education Director for the University of Florida (Gator Parent Association-GPA). She is a Life Skill Speaker that conduct workshops for parents and student-athletes through the Pro-Ready Impact Programs. Muorie also is the show creator and principal writer of the show.

Co-Host/Assistant Producer and Vice President of IRM Production Company, Elleanor "Mamma" Starks is the mother of Max Starks of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Through Elleanor Starks' leadership as the President of the Gator Parent Association, she and Muorie revamped the GPA, and made it a valuable resource for college parents looking to work with compliance in their NCAA school athletic program. "Mamma Stark" participated in the 2004 Pittsburgh Steelers American Cancer campaign comercial, and plans to be an integral part of the NFL Parents Association this year.

Associate Producer, Fast Track Expediting LLC, Will Barnes, President and CEO has been instrumental in providing valuable guidance and assistance to Sport-Maverickstm since their inception. The show's title song was written and produced by Will Barnes.

Show Adviser, Henry Lawrence is a graduate of Florida A&M. Henry was drafted by the Oakland Raiders in the first round in 1974, and is a three time veteran of the Super Bowl. Henry has been a major contributor to show series as a member of the series selection committee and serving as guest host.

Show Adviser At-large, Max Starks, OT for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Max was drafted in the third eound in 2004, and is the Steelers' Right Tackle of the Future. As a rookie he played in his first AFC Playoff. Max has contributed as guest host, and has served of the series selection committee. Smarttalk for Parents and Athletestm.

"Sport-Maverickstm" can be heard 'Live' Tuesdays, 8:00pm-9:00pm EST and 5:00pm-6:00pm Pacific on http://www.voiceamerica.com Listeners are encouraged to call in 'live' with their questions or comments at 1-888-335-5204. Sport Maverickstm replays 12 hours later at 8:00am EST and 5:00 AM Pacific, and archived shows are hosted on (http://www.voiceamerica.com).


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