Business Building Help: Announces New 'Smart Tools' for Advertisers, Agencies, Media

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After opening its “doors” a couple of months ago, have had orders from as far away as Australia, and purchasers have returned to buy more. The mission of the AdMediaStore is to provide low cost information resources which will help advertisers, agencies, and media improve advertising effectiveness, win new business, train their staffs, inform clients, and improve productivity. To accomplish that, provides professional quality, downloadable information tools for advertising management, media, and creatives - in a variety of formats: ready to use PowerPoint presentations, research papers, directories, templates and software, according to Ron Geskey, CEO of 2020:Marketing Communications LLC which owns AdMedia Prior to founding 2020, Geskey was a senior executive at several large advertising agencies.

It's not often that you see an intriguing new advertising idea, but here’s one which actually has great products to help others-- agencies, advertisers, and media - improve their advertising and organizational effectiveness. The AdMediaStore is a unique business concept founded on the marketing principle of, “Find a need and fill it.”

We interviewed Ron Geskey, CEO of 2020:Marketing Communications LLC, which owns the AdMediaStore, to learn more.

Q: Why did you start

A: We started because based on our experience in the agency business, we believed there was a real need for tools which would help us do a better job in less time. I know first hand what it is like scrambling around putting presentations together, writing plans, training and mentoring the staff, while trying to build relationships with clients - which often can be enhanced just by sending him or her some really new information or an idea.

But what if you could just buy a great turnkey presentation— or a research paper - on a provocative issue - which you could customize to your situation and present it as your own—at a cost which is a tiny fraction of what it cost you to do it yourself? In other words, “You might be able to create this paper or presentation yourself, but why would you, when for a few dollars, you can download one in a few minutes?”

Q: Can you give me some examples of the kinds of products which are available on the AdMediaStore web site?

A: Sure. We started with 24 unique information products, original work you won’t find anywhere else. We will be adding new products as time goes on, and we encourage people who visit our web site to provide suggestions based on their needs. I'll give you a few examples of products we have available right now.

“Media 101” is a turnkey 3+ hour “seminar in a box” about 21st century media planning and buying. It's a 93-slide PowerPoint presentation, complete with presenter notes for every slide, which you can present as is or customize as needed. Media 101 covers the basics of the media planning and buying functions, terminology, important concepts, and decision making processes. A media director might use this presentation to orient his/her staff, the account group or even the client.

“Business Development Manual for Agencies and Design Firms” was actually written by the former CEO and founder of a large agency which became big through new business. The manual is a downloadable “how to” e-book of actual tested best practices for developing and implementing a successful new business plan. A great reference written by people who have done it. Also on the site are new business presentation templates (PPT) and even agency operations tool kits for agency management.

“How to Really Buy Spot TV: the 12 Immutable Laws of Effective Buying” is a major presentation describing a new model for buying TV time (and radio for that matter.) The presentation shows how to buy Communication rather than often meaningless cost efficiencies. Aside from being a great training tool, the thing I really like about this presentation is that it provides a point of difference for agencies or advertisers who actually implement the 12 Immutable Laws.

“Comparative Advertising” and Humor in Advertising” or Likeability of Advertising” are all white papers which review the research findings and provide a point view about the these creative tactics... from the consumer’s point of view. My guess is that not everyone is aware of what the research actually says, and it would also be effective to include the research findings in creative presentations to clients.

“Is the :30 TV Commercial Dead or Alive” is a research paper about the converging technologies and developments which will shape and change the television advertising forever— from both media and creative perspectives. Since TV is #1 in ad spending, I think this paper should be “must reading” for those wanting to get out front.

You can also download the amazing Thumbnail Media Planner, a large magazine directory, a newspaper directory, an advertising research primer, an internet advertising primer, a whitepaper on rich media, and from the web site many other products offered on the site, I hope your readers will check it out.

Q: Who is target audience for

A: We want to have products on which will be of interest to a cross section of job functions and management levels. We have a lot of cutting edge media stuff, we have some excellent management tools, and even some consumer insights for the creative team.

Q: What’s next for you?

A: For now, we want to keep doing what we’re doing well, make it better, and provide more products which our market wants or needs to further their success and our success.

About 2020:Marketing Communications LLC

2020 is a marketing and media consulting and publishing company. Geskey has been a senior media and account management executive at Leo Burnett, D’Arcy, and Campbell Ewald.

To purchase products, visit You can also contact Ron Geskey to discuss this article or a consulting engagement via email or by phone.


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