The Drive to Succeed: Fitness for Golf Brings the Workout of the Pros to the Everyday Golfer

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New web site is the most comprehensive and advanced golf fitness program to reduce handicaps

For golfers who have longed to know how some of the top touring pros have risen to the top and continue to keep their bodies producing at a consistently high level of golf performance, the new web site holds the keys.     

Fitness for Golf, a member's only, online golf fitness web site dedicated to the improvement of golfers worldwide, offers the exercises, stretches and training methods used by top golf professionals playing on the tour today. The program was created by Susan Hill, a golf fitness trainer and sports performance nutrition specialist, who recognized that many dedicated golfers were working hard on their game but not getting the results they desired.

Hill's observations on the golf course proved true in a recent study of more than 1.1 million golfers from 2002 to 2003 by the United States Golf Association. The study showed that only 1.9 percent of players improved by five or more strokes during the 12-month period and only 25.7 percent of golfers nationwide improved by one or more strokes. But, most disappointing of all, 48.5 percent of players actually got worse during the study.

“Many people spend hours on the driving range sharpening their skills, invest a small fortune in new equipment, golf lessons, and accessories, and yet still do not see a decrease in their handicap in years,” Hill said. “In order to really make an impact, you have to take a whole body approach to your golf game.” Hill said that approach includes eating properly and at the proper time.

“Many golfers don't realize that eating an apple, which slowly provides energy at a constant level, is much better before a game than a white bagel, which will cause your blood sugar to rise too sharply and then come crashing down 15 minutes later,” Hill said. “It's one of the worst things that a golfer could consume.”

According to Hill, Fitness for Golf assesses clients' abilities at all levels including muscle strength, range of motion, core strength, power, aerobic endurance, balance and other critical areas with easy-to-use online tests. Once relative strengths and weaknesses have been determined, Fitness for Golf will make specific recommendations on the areas most likely to show dramatic golf performance improvement. Hill is one of a small number of certified golf biomechanics in the U.S., trained to examine the motion of the golf swing, determine what physical obstacles are present and work to correct those. Hill mentioned that, as golf fitness is a relatively new field, many golfers might not realize that tight muscles on their bodies or slight injuries might be preventing them from achieving their optimal swing.

“When you study how the pros train, you find that a lot of attention is put on physical fitness in addition to honing their golf skills,” said Hill. “Tiger Woods has been quoted as saying that a lot of what he's been able to accomplish in golf is the direct result of becoming physically stronger.” Hill added that Fitness for Golf teaches clients the science and art of performing functional movement patterns to create a perfect and reproducible swing every time they play.

In addition to information on golf nutrition, biomechanics, and sport-specific exercises and stretches, the program offers online advice from top-level golf professionals, mental golf coaches, certified golf fitness trainers and physical therapists.    

John Butcher, a 3-handicapper, said that he had been searching for better distance off the tee and increased accuracy and, after just a month, Fitness for Golf is getting him there. “I have strengthened my core muscles from a series of golf-specific exercises you can do at home with just the weight of your body and a Swiss ball,” Butcher said. “It's amazing how my weak areas are now growing stronger and allowing me to hit shots with far more accuracy and power, and much less effort.”

Founded in 2004 by Susan Hill, a golf fitness trainer and certified biomechanic, is a new resource available to avid golfers who want to improve their game. The site is filled with the most advanced and comprehensive golf fitness information available on the web today, incorporating golf nutrition, physical assessments and golf biomechanics, along with more than 150 golf-specific exercises and stretches, motivation and mental strategies, as well as advice and contributing articles from top-level golf professionals. Hill has earned national certifications as a fitness trainer with several organizations including the National Academy of Sports Medicine, the International Sports Science Association, and the American Council on Exercise.


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