Fun New Handwriting Analysis Book "The Hand Behind The Word" From Author Jerral Sapienza Lights Up Audiences and Switchboards

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Motivational Speaker and Educator Jerral Sapienza launches "THE HAND BEHIND THE WORD" this week in association with National Handwriting Week, January 17-23. This unique and original guide to psychology and personality of handwriting offers new and insightful interpretation into handwritten digits, the single most common form of handwriting. Fun, fascinating, engaging. You'll have trouble putting down THE HAND BEHIND THE WORD as you keep looking ahead just to see what else it already knows about why you write the way you write.

National Handwriting Week is a good time to renew your interest in personality studies and psychology by sharing your handwriting with a couple friends then taking a look at a new study of handwriting analysis and the interesting reflection it offers.

"Even a string of numbers on an otherwise empty page tells a fairly interesting tale about its writer," says handwriting expert Jerral Sapienza and author of "THE HAND BEHIND THE WORD." "The ten digits are a microcosm of our handwriting. Each digit has its own message and story. So a series of several numbers arranged on a small page can tell a whole series of tales about intent, personality, emotion and method. Dating takes on a whole new scenario: Next time someone scribbles a phone number for you, you'll be able to know more about what that person is like-- before you make that call."

Sapienza's unique handwriting sample format, developed over twenty five years of research, is the JAQS (Just A Quick Sample) format. It is an abbreviated format consisting of four rows of digits, signature, printed name, paragraph of choice and the date. Even this small sample, as "THE HAND BEHIND THE WORD" attests, has all the marks for a remarkably complete personality profile.

"THE HAND BEHIND THE WORD: HANDWRITING ANALYSIS JAQS STYLE" (LLX Press, $16.95) chapters include "Mechanics of Handwriting: How it All Works", "Saints and Criminals", "Change Your Handwriting, Change Your Life", "Personal Relations and Compatibility Studies", "Handwriting Analysis for People Managers", "Ethics and Values", "Symbology and Archetypes" and several others.

Filled with illustations and examples, "THE HAND BEHIND THE WORD" is accessible, easy reading for beginners or experienced handwriting analysts alike. From middle school students to senior citizens, its message appeals to the curious people-person in all of us, inviting family and friends to gather together sharing curiosity and discoveries. Expect to hear about it around a kitchen table, break room or water cooler near you soon.

Also available is "THE HAND BEHIND THE WORD's" companion guide, the JAQS HANDWRITING SAMPLES COLLECTION BOOKLET (LLX Press, $4.95, 48 pgs), a useful workbook in which to collect samples of your own or others' handwriting for further study. This handy booklet holds forty of the JAQS (Just A Quick Sample) standardized research samples which can easily be compared across cultures, across time and across various writers.

National Handwriting Week is a great time to begin your study of handwriting with "THE HAND BEHIND THE WORD." But don't expect it to stop there. You'll

keep coming back again and again to peer into this book like a crystal ball with new questions the more and more handwriting you see, the more and more you learn. For more information see: http://www.HandBehindTheWord.COM/

Media Reviewers, Talk Show Hosts and Producers are encouraged to request a review copy of "THE HAND BEHIND THE WORD" and/or arrange for an interview,

appearance or presentation by Jerral Sapienza for your audience. Keep us on file for last minute guest cancellations or program fill-in slots.

Both new from LLX Press, http://www.LLX.COM/ January 2005:

The Hand Behind The Word: Handwriting Analysis JAQS Style    Â    ISBN 0-971-71073-2     $16.95, 5.5" x 8.5", 256 pages.

JAQS Handwriting Samples Collection Booklet     ISBN 0-971-71076-7     $4.95, 4.25" x 5.5", 48 pages.

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