Moveable Cubicle Finds Gold In Portable Storage Containers

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Moveable Cubicle is finding gold by recycling and restoring retired cargo containers and leasing them as high quality portable storage. Moveable Cubicle has found an "eco-friendly" way to tip the scales of the $600 billion international trade imbalance. They have tapped into a secondary market for empty steel containers that would otherwise remain dormant as part of a blighted coastal landscape.

Moveable Cubicle is finding gold by cashing in on a secondary market for previously used cargo containers. Stacks of steel containers are piled high in overflowing depots due to the international trade imbalance. Moveable Cubicle is making money by recycling, refurbishing, and restoring those retired shipping containers and leasing them as high quality storage units in the profitable portable storage industry. Starting with only one container and one customer in 2000, they have seen steady growth from their early grassroots efforts. Moveable Cubicle now has a customer base of over 4000, and counting.

A strategic partnership forged with a worldwide leader in the shipping trade has given Moveable Cubicle’s President & CEO, Rich Whelan, access to an almost unlimited number of containers. Whelan has mapped out a business plan for his firm to become the leader in the portable storage industry. Luring several large national accounts, Whelan forecasts that Moveable Cubicle is poised to bring in over $10 million annually in the near future. The competition has taken notice and Moveable Cubicle is changing the way the rest of the portable storage industry conducts business.

Most products are shipped into and out of the United States in cargo containers. Currently, the US receives more containers filled with imports than it sends back out with exports. With this international trade deficit at an all-time high of over $600 billion, there is a glut of boxes sitting in stockpiles. This has created a blighted coastal landscape and a "users market” for containers. Moveable Cubicle has found an “eco-friendly” way to tip the scales that is good for the environment and good for the economy.

Unlike competitive companies in the industry, which purchase or manufacture their own containers, Moveable Cubicle's recovery program has allowed them to operate without incurring debt for inventory. Whelan says his company is based on a “Win-Win Philosophy.” He explains, “Our business is designed to expand our market share by offering a top quality product at a price which more accurately reflects the current market value,” observes Whelan, “Our clients save money and we win business.”

Moveable Cubicle is impacting rates industry-wide. “By reducing the expense of a readily available and artificially overpriced commodity - steel containers, Moveable Cubicle expects that the rates for portable storage should continue to drop,” states Whelan. “If you're paying what you paid for portable storage last year,“ continues Whelan, “then you're paying too much.”

With an aggressive approach to the storage rental business, Moveable Cubicle is poised to reach record-breaking sales in 2005. A privately held company headquartered in Raleigh NC, they are consistently winning increasing market share in the $4 billion portable storage industry by keenly focusing on renting 20' and 40' containers nationwide. Moveable Cubicle’s success, with an average compounded annual growth rate close to 200%, has caught the eye of several top fund managers and investment groups.

Moveable Cubicle provides temporary storage for a variety of customers, including: national retail chains, construction companies, manufacturers, hotels, hospitals, small business and individual users. Moveable Cubicle has created a new Strategic Alliance Department, to develop co-branding opportunities. There are also plans in place to expand globally in the future.

In addition to being environmentally conscientious, Moveable Cubicle is a socially compassionate company. They are committed to giving 10% of their net profits back to charitable organizations supporting children around the world.

Moveable Cubicle is located in Raleigh, NC at 6404 Falls of Neuse Road, Suite 200, Raleigh NC 27615. They are the nation’s leader in portable storage rentals, specializing in 20’ and 40’ containers for secure, weatherproof, on-site portable storage.

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