Beauty Products That Help to Preserve the Amazonian Rainforest

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Can simply buying a shampoo or body lotion help preserve the Amazon rain forest? Is it possible for the average person in America to directly affect the lives of an Amazonian family of five every day? Florestas Organic Botanical emphatically answers, Â?Yes.Â?

Florestas is part of an unique and important initiative supported by Brazil’s leading cosmetics manufacturers. As an active player in the Global Social Entrepreneurship Movement, Florestas business supports and directly benefits the tiny Amazonian communities where the fruits and plants that are ingredients in its products are harvested.

Many residents from the Brazilian Amazon island of Marajó needed to cut down trees to maintain their survival during the rainy months of "big waters" in the first half of the year when it is impossible to fish. In recent years, however, the gathering of fruits and nuts for the food and personal care industries has opened the door for a new source of income during that critical season. The expansion of these industries provides a positive social effect based on the sustainable use of Brazil's vast biodiversity.

Florestas is near the end of this most ecologically supportive chain, offering its products to consumers who provide the final reward to the economy of the Amazon rain forest. The process starts in the Amazon forest where those natural ingredients are harvested by the local communities and transformed into oils which are then integrated into Florestas’ products.

As a result of this initiative, the river-dwelling population of Marajó stopped cutting down the andiroba (Carapa guianensis), ucuúba (Virola sebifera) and murumurú (Astrocaryum murumuru) trees once they realized they could make a better living from the fruits and fallen seeds of the plants around them. Florestas works only with suppliers that are also committed to environmental preservation and fair trade criteria. The company is part of a growing movement known as ‘social responsible entrepreneurship’.

As determined by the World Bank, this kind of business relationship provides income to remote communities and creates financial incentives to preserve standing forests as it, in turn, generates a positive impact on the cosmetics industry profits. Simply put, by buying Florestas Organic Botanical products you directly support Amazonian families and communities as well as the preservation of the rain forest.

Just think - all that global activism simply by washing your hair!

About Florestas

Florestas is a Brazilian maker and marketer of premium hair care, skin, spa, lifestyle, aroma, and body-care products created from pure herbals, vegetable oils, aromatherapy essential oils and vitamins. Florestas upholds environmental values and supports actions in creating products that support a sustainable economy and culture in native Brazilian lands. Florestas is involved in projects that promote professional and personal growth in harmony with natural resources. A portion of the company’s net profit is distributed to organizations that preserve the Amazon rain forest and its flora and fauna. Visit us on the Web at or

About Amazonian Ingredients

The rain forest seeds used in Florestas products contain unique oils that bring a more effective solution for hair and skin care. Brazilian oil seeds such as andiroba and Brazil nuts are rich in fatty acids, ingredients vital to maintaining the integrity of the skin. The lipids present in the oils also act to hydrate and moisturize the skin by maintaining emolliency and the integrity of the skin’s cutaneous barrier.

Brazilian fruits used in Florestas products – acai, cupuacu, buriti and acerola – are packed with high concentrations of vitamins and minerals. Each fruit provides its own amazing aroma and nutritional attributes. These succulent fruits also provide unparalleled anti-oxidant properties.

During the collection of our raw materials, Florestas ensures that the Brazilian ecosystem is preserved and that the seeds and herbs used to prepare our products are kept at the purest level. As local legend tells, each fruit or seed was presented by God at critical times and used for multiple applications vital to the existence of indigenous tribes in the rainforest.

Florestas Celebrity Fans and PR

Florestas products and our story have been featured in the Brazilian magazines: Vogue, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Chiques, Estilo Natural, Vida Simples, Bons Fluidos, as well as in some major news papers.

Here in the U.S. our products are featured in the magazines Se7en, British Vogue, Happi, and Cosmetics International.

Celebrities who enjoy Florestas include Sting, Alicia Silverstone, Courteney Cox Arquette, Leonardo DiCaprio, Cameron Diaz and Tom Hanks.

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