Intelligent “Turn-Signal-By-Wire” System Improves Vehicle Safety, Lowers Cost

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RLP Engineering announced today that its "Turn Signal By Wire" patent has been granted a notice of allowance by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The system, known as Intelliturn is a sensor driven, computer controlled turn signal that eliminates the steering column turn signal trip-off mechanism. The system is lower cost and resolves the shortcomings of the current mechanical system. Driver actuated turn signals are shut off appropriately for each driving situation with computer intelligence.

Intelliturn(TM), the world’s first and only smart vehicle turn signal control system has recently been granted a Patent Notice of Allowance from the United States Patent and Trademark Office and is available for U.S. and international license from RLP Engineering.

This breakthrough technology eliminates the familiar turn signal trip-off mechanism embedded in the steering column that is used in virtually all vehicles worldwide. Starting with the driver’s turn signal lever input, Intelliturn(TM) uses the Antilock Brake System computer to “map” the road surface using data from the wheel speed sensors. The result is a highly accurate, smart control system that responds to vehicle dynamics and shuts off turn signals appropriately for each driving situation. This resolves nearly all of the performance shortcomings of today’s fixed mechanical turn signal method.

“The patent allowance represents the first major innovation in turn signal control since General Motors engineered the original steering column mounted trip-off mechanism in the 1940 Buick,” says Richard Ponziani, President of RLP Engineering. “From now on, turn signal shut-off can be sensor driven and computer controlled with a level of precision and intelligence that all drivers will immediately appreciate.”

“Erroneous turn signal functions are common occurrences in daily driving and unwittingly contribute to countless accidents each year because the turn signal trips off too soon or fails to automatically shut off,” Ponziani says. “By introducing intelligence into turn signals, Intelliturn(TM) will not only contribute to accident rate reduction, but will also enhance the driving experience and reduce the level of driver distractions” he added.

The simplified wiring and component elimination can add up to a cost savings for vehicle manufacturers. The all-digital Intelliturn(TM) system, having no moving parts, is also expected to improve performance, safety, durability, ergonomics, noise, robustness and quality. Additionally, due to their direct dependence on turn signals, Lane Departure Warning Systems and Blind Spot Detection Systems are greatly enhanced when coupled with this intelligent turn signal system.

RLP Engineering is an automotive design consulting firm located in Dayton, Ohio. Go to for complete Intelliturn(TM) system description, licensing and contact information.

A graphic file illustartion of system operation is available for use with this press release:

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