Essential Wisdom Tells Us...Good Instincts Matter

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Judee Regan is an intuitive Business Consultant, an engaging Speaker, a wise Elder, a gifted Storyteller and Author of the book ‘Meaningful Work…the Entrepreneurial Way: Your integrated guide to Career and Personal Life Management’ and book publications in electronic form as well as textual CDs. Judee champions taking responsibility for your own life through action, contribution and Work-Life wholeness and well-being through awareness, vision, and choice. Learn more about her philosophy and her services at Meaningful Work…the Entrepreneurial Way and Essential Wisdom stories in E-book PDF format are now available at .

How can one fathom the devastation of the tsunami? Crisis and disaster often contain powerful messages of great significance. A message of truth is embedded in the tsunami story…can we be open to the possibility of what that message might be?

The animals knew, they knew at their core, so the animals instinctively moved to protect themselves…just before Great Mother released her grief, her pain, her anger and her fear…such a great wave of emotion. Pent-up emotion when finally released… can be hugely destructive. Without our survival instincts, we humans are powerless. The price is far too high...will it be too late before we learn?

The violence, anger and bullying in the workplace today is yet another wave of pent-up emotion. For years we’ve been told to leave our emotions at the door when we come to work… to not feel what we feel. It’s like having your body cut away and being instructed to bring an efficient head instead. But the workplace is an entity, it has energy of its own and it will be heard. Unless something changes – it will continue toget worse. Our human instincts should be telling us to listen and learn. Are those instincts not working and will we only see that we should have moved when it is too late?

As they have been told how to do and be, the individual, puts a cap on it and holds down their emotions, The very human entity within is saying I can’t stand it…the stress, the tension, the anxiety is too much. The heart of the head that has been told to stay at home says ‘I am dealing with massive waves of emotion and I know my body is affected by this. The devastation will know no bounds. Am I too late?’

What are your instincts telling you? Do you find that your work and your life are at odds with one and other, resulting in little or no work-life balance? Are the demands becoming more than you can deal with?

The book ‘Meaningful Work…the Entrepreneurial Way: Your integrated Guide to Career and Personal Life Management casts great light on the dilemma of ‘what do I have to do to take care of me, my work life and my world?’

Meaningful Work….the Entrepreneurial Way comes from the premise that work comprises a good part of our waking hours and impacts heavily on the rest of our lives. The concept of integrating career and personal life management is based on this very fact…that the two are inseparable and the better we can bring these two aspects into balance with one another, the more composed life will be.

This book is about choice… choosing to develop deep within yourself the spirit and intestinal resilience to make the choices that will make your life richer and more meaningful. You are aided in this by following the Entrepreneurial Way a process which encourages you to practice traits such as tenacity, commitment and motivation, and in the process, you will discover your worth. Helpful exercises and thought provoking questions asked in a gentle and kindly manner are interspersed with stories and snippets of wisdom that serve to create awareness and motivate the reader into action.

The message is attend to your dreams, set your boundaries and develop your own sense of well being. Be aware of what ‘they ‘are saying and choose for yourself if what ‘they’ say works in your best interests because…you’re worth it.

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