InfoUSA Announces Mergers-and-Acquisitions Policy

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All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Grow? Melding of Telecom, Electronic Banking and Internet to continue corporate 'Melting Pot'.

InfoUSA, a publicly-owned Nevada corporation, is fulfilling a singular mission: to design and fully develop a proprietary technology - both hardware and software - integrating three powerful technologies into one seamless service: Telecommunications; Electronic Banking; and the Internet. During the last two years, InfoUSA has successfully completed five acquisitions of emerging companies in its unique industry, strengthening both its product line and market position in the process.

Corporate combinations: How to make 1 + 1 = 11. Company CEO Thomas Skala explains, "InfoUSA is committed to a process of internal, organic growth - building and growing our own solutions WHERE IT MAKES SENSE. But we also are continuing to build our business through judicious business combinations. We refine and develop technology while expanding through marketing and strategic acquisition."

"Many entrepreneurs and small businesses find themselves facing a familiar predicament," said Skala. "They've built a solid, profitable business, but it's reached the limits of its growth and the future looks flat. They can't break out of the market they are in, or they can't offer the equity share to attract the new talent they need, or they're too small to swing the financing to build to that next level, and way to small to 'go public'. Or maybe they've just taken the business as far as they ever wanted to - they're ready to move on to other things, but haven't found the right exit strategy.

"Very often, the only things limiting a small company's growth are basic overhead and access to resources. Being part of the InfoUSA family brings economy of scale. Eliminate duplicate overhead and everyone profits. Bring in the ability to fully develop that one 'killer application' and the market opens - usually exponentially. That's how we improve technology to secure the future. Build a larger & better team with experience and relationships in more markets. Bake a larger pie for everyone."

On the subject of personnel, CEO Skala is just as blunt. "Attracting the talent you need to grow the business further - to develop that great idea, or even to just keep the wheels on - takes something beyond a checkbook. Good people require more then just a salary. They want to participate in the future of the company… to build equity.

"We know the right path to bring the right people and the right companies into the right place at the right time. In short: we get it RIGHT," Skala asserts.

InfoUSA is always on the lookout for companies and talented people in any of these areas:

• Answering service companies

• Cellular and wireless service providers

• Companies with existing distribution channels

• Direct marketing companies

• Email service providers

• Financial services to the vast “unbanked” community.

• Money service business

• Paging companies

• Prepaid ATM card issuers, providers and/or resellers

• Prepaid calling cards providers

• Stored value Gift Card providers

• Stored value service providers

• Unified communications providers

• Voice mail providers

Skala concludes, "We're interested in acquiring and/or developing a relationship with the best businesses and the brightest people who have what we need, providing what they need to take it to the next level – in Unified Electronic Banking, Telecommunications and Internet industry."

Interested parties should contact:

Business Development

Telephone: 800-850-5500

About InfoUSA

InfoUSA, a Nevada corporation, is a publicly owned company, created to integrate telecommunications, electronic banking and internet services into one seamless service.

InfoUSA embarked on a mission to design and fully develop a proprietary technology, both hardware and software, which integrates three powerful technologies; Telecommunications, the world’s most universal and interactive communication medium; Electronic Banking, the key to electronic commerce; and the Internet, the world’s most powerful information medium as one seamless service. InfoUSA has four main subsidiaries, EasyTel.Net, Genie Bancor.Com, DialTel, and the Universal Office Corporation, all of which operated jointly to achieve InfoUSA’s mission.

About EasyTel.Net

EasyTel integrated its own unified communications platform with InfoUSA's electronic banking services: The Universal Office, EasyTel’s proprietary soft switch, runs on GenieNet, a nation-wide private voice-over-IP network, (GenieNet).

EasyTel now provides local coverage in most US markets. Across the nation, in over three thousand cities and communities, spanning 115 area codes across 1343 rate centers, in twenty-seven states and Washington DC, and can be reached by approximately 80% of the population in the United States as a local call. Through the use of a touch-tone telephone or the internet. No other equipment is necessary.

About Genie

Genie Bancor.Com integrated EasyTel’s unified communications services with its own electronic banking platform: GenieBank.

Genie Bancor currently provides GenieBank ATM Cards which are usable worldwide at any ATM connected to the Cirrus, Interlink, Star, and the NYCE networks. Cardholders may deposit additional funds to their GenieBank ATM Cards by visiting any branch of Bank of America in the USA, and/or via ACH or mail at Calnet Business Bank.

About ePAY International

ePAY was created as Genie Bancor’s marketing arm to specifically concentrate on two major niche markets, the Hispanic and the Asian immigrant workers currently residing in the United States and Canada. Genie Bancor’s focus is to integrate the needs of these niche markets with InfoUSA’s electronic banking, internet and unified communications services.

About DialTel

DialTel is a leading distributor of prepaid telephone calling-cards and has already sold well over ten million pre-paid calling cards for International use and is developing plans to sell a new card combining stored value ATM / calling cards to the same market place. Recent and planned additions to the DialTel suite include international monetary services, major-bank branch reloading services, and local unified communications services throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico on.

The Mission

1. To concentrate on providing services based on added value, enhanced telecommunications, financial services, and information.

2. To limit the scope to the type of services which can be dispensed through the use of telephones, the internet, ATMs, fax machines, and wireless devices.

3. To concentrate in three specific fields in the Mexican and Philippians’ markets:

• Unified Communications

• Electronic Banking and E-Commerce

• The Internet and Information based services

4. To originate and/or private label all services and products to be marketed, either directly to the end users or indirectly through marketing alliances.

5. To develop services for the local, national and international markets made available to customers, 24 hours a day, and 365 days a year through a touch-tone telephone, ATM's, and the internet.

6. To structure the revenues generated in the form of residual income, transaction or monthly fees as residual income. When possible, these fees would be prepaid or collected via electronic funds transfer and other forms of automated billing.


Address: 320 E. Charleston Blvd. Suite 204-221

Las Vegas, Nevada 89104-1015

Telephone: 800-850-5500

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