Adultery Dreams as an Aphrodisiac - How Dreaming about Another Can Fan the Flames of Passion

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Dreaming about someone other than your mate? Lauri Quinn Lowenberg, author of Â?So, What Did You Dream Last Night?Â? reveals the meaning behind these lusty dreams and helps you learn how they can help your love life sizzle!

Worried about that spicy dream you or your mate had about someone else? There's no cause for alarm. Simply learn what these midnight messages are trying to tell you and let these lusty dreams be learning tools!

“All these dreams – even the adultery dreams - serve a purpose; they offer direction, advice, and sometimes even warnings,” says Lauri Quinn Loewenberg, renowned dream analyst and author of So, What Did You Dream Last Night? (

Lowenberg is the writer of “The Dream Zone,” a nationally syndicated column which has 2.5 million readers across the United States and Canada. Her ability to interpret dreams in a logical, entertaining way has landed her guest appearances on numerous radio and TV shows including Good Morning America and The View.

Here Lowenberg shares the two most common type of adultery dreams and how having them can turn up the heat in your relationship.

Adultery Dream #1 – Your Mate is Cheating

Maybe you feel s/he has taken on a behavior or attitude that is detracting from your relationship. The subconscious mind feels “betrayed” and responds with an affair dream in order to get your attention so you can deal with the matter at hand. Fan the Flames by...confronting your mate about the core issue. Discuss what is bothering you and talk about ways to compromise or resolve the problem.

Adultery Dream #2 – You are Having an Affair

Remember that in dreams, all forms of unions, dating, marriage, sex and adultery point to something that is missing in your life. Fan the Flames by...asking yourself what aspect of the person (or thing!) from your dream would be useful in life right now. Passion? Affection? Creativity? Maybe it’s take to take yourself on a shopping trip to Victoria’s Secret, break out a Tony Bennett CD and get in touch with your erotic side!

Pay attention to what these strange little scenarios are trying to show you and you’ll be amazed at the way your love life starts to sizzle!

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