Soy Candles Can Increase the Air Quality in Your Home

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Find out soy candles can increase the surrounding air quality in your home by a staggering 90% compared with traditionally produced paraffin candles.

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It’s no surprise that the use of soy candles is becoming increasingly popular across the nation. Candle aficionados now know that selecting soy candles to decorate and liven their home environment is not only a more financially and environmentally conscientious decision, but is a much healthier option as well.

Many of us know about the traditional benefits of candles. They are often used for relaxation, stress relief, decoration and even romance. They come in all shapes and sizes, colors and scents. We all have our favorite preferences, and many people even stick to just one brand. But what many do not realize is that it’s now become imperative to make sure that the candles you’re burning in your home aren’t putting your health at risk. How can you be sure?

Soy candles are made of soy wax, a mixture of hydrogenated soybean oil. This means that they burn clean into the air, as opposed to common paraffin wax candles, which have been known to produce soot and other inhaleable toxins such as formaldehyde, acrolein, benzine and acetaldehyde. It’s important to realize that these toxins have been known to clog and damage the lungs, and can sometimes even lead to emphysema—not unlike the effects of second-hand nicotine smoke. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), some of the chemicals found in paraffin candles are not only toxic, but are carcinogenic and neurotoxic as well, and could cause issues with not only the lungs but also the heart, circulatory system and nervous system.

Sound a bit scary? Well, recent research has shown that the use of soy candles in the home increases the surrounding air quality by a staggering 90% as compared with traditionally produced paraffin or petrochemical based candles.

If you’re a candle lover, you’ve probably noticed the effects of paraffin or petrochemical based candles in your home. When you light it, you may notice that there is black smoke that emits from the wick. It stains the jar or candle holder and, after using for long periods of time, can even stain your walls, air vents, ceiling and other areas of your home. If you sit too close to burning paraffin candles, you may even notice a bit of soot accumulating on your skin or clothes, or in particle-collecting areas of your body such as your nostrils. And if you think that’s bad, just think of how it must look in your lungs.

By purchasing soy candles, you’re also making a stand in promoting the health of the nation’s farming community. Nearly 60 kilograms of soybeans are used to create just 10 kilograms of soybean oil, and the soy candle industry has the potential of using nearly 110 million bushels of soybeans annually, or one-quarter of the nation’s soybean crop. This is opposed to paraffin based candles, the chemicals for which are most often produced with foreign oil sources. In fact, the recent rise in popularity of non-food based uses for soy, such as in candles, has contributed to a significant rise in the economies of soy-producing areas across the U.S.—including Iowa, the home of more than 110 soy candle manufacturers and the self-proclaimed “Soybean Capital of the United States.”

But personal health and environmental sustainability aren’t the only reasons why consumers across the nation are making the change toward the use of soy candles. Another selling point, it seems, is the value.

See, one of the key reasons as to why soy candles burn so cleanly and safely is that soy wax has a lower melting point than the paraffin wax that is used in traditional candles. This means that soy candles burn cooler, as well as up to 50% longer. Cooler burning translates into quicker scent dispersion, for an even more amazing scented candle experience. And, it brings up yet another side benefit of soy candles: a longer burning time means more bang for your buck.

Soy candles are also much easier to care for, as they are completely water-soluble. Gone are the days of attempting to scrape off paraffin wax from the carpet or furniture; if a soy candle were to spill, all it takes to clean up the mess is a bit of soap and hot water.

Purchasing soy candles just makes sense. By making the change from traditional paraffin wax or petrochemical based candles to soy based candles, you’re making a solid commitment to your environment, your wallet and, above all else, your health.

For an alternative to traditional paraffin or petrochemical candles visit Candles of Eden at . Their line of SoyLuscious™ soy candles are 100% natural and are made with soybeans grown and cultivated in the United States.

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