World's First Contoured Electric Heating Pad Solves Problems Caused By Old Flat Pads

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No longer a need to use duct tape to secure the old flat heating pad to your shoulder, elbow or knee. New, curved heating pad is a hit.

Jan Halderman of Memphis had not slept well in years. The pain from the bursitis in both her knees had kept her awake. That is, until she discovered a new product, the first 'non-flat' electric heating pad, made especially for the shoulders, elbows and knees – which is called JointHeat.

The inventor, Daniel Lewis of Jacksonville, FL, said his father had been suffering with an arthritic shoulder for several weeks. He had watched him use duct tape in attempts to 'fix' the flat heating pads to the round shape of his shoulder.

He did a bit of research and found that heat was indeed a major factor in the healing process of most all body ailments – especially joint pain. Heat causes the blood vessels to expand, which allows more blood to the affected area, which delivers greater numbers of white corpuscles and other healing elements. The medical term for that describes this process is 'vasodilation'.

He learned it was necessary to apply constant, steady heat to the ‘entire’ joint – whether it was the shoulder, the elbow or the knee – for extended period of times in order to receive the benefits of the heat. However, it was obvious to him that it is not possible to get a flat electric pad to envelop one of these curved joints. Therefore, they allow much of the heat to escape.

Lewis claims JointHeat ‘silhouettes’ these three joints and traps as much as 90% of the heat, which allow the user to use the device on the low heat setting for a longer period of time.

Dr. Mary Soha, a pediatrician who practices pediatric sports medicine in Jacksonville agrees, she said “You can conform it to many joints – shoulder, knee, elbow – and get a more even heat dispersal for the area.”

Soha’s patient have been using the device for six months and find it more comfortable than standard heating pads.

The first ‘in-store’ market test at a Walgreens store in Memphis was a phenomenal success. The entire inventory was sold out within an hour. They then sold out the restocked shelves within 30 minutes. Disappointed buyers filled up three pages with their names and phone numbers, asking to be contacted as soon as a new shipment was delivered.

Because of its instant popularity, a web site was established so that anyone can simply click on to order this innovative new product, the “World’s First Contoured Electric Heating Pad”. According to Lewis, an additional benefit is that in buying directly from the manufacturer, you can receive a second unit at half price (only $30.00). - William Parrish, GMI Publishing

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