New Consumer Research Pinpoints Key Emotions Behind Buying Nutrition Bars - Addresses Industry Challenge for Stronger Brands With Clear-Cut Positioning

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Addressing industry recognition that sports/nutrition products need better brand positioning to achieve customer loyalty, experiEmotive™ analytics has recently completed research that comprehensively shows the emotions and feelings that people have when they shop for and buy nutrition bars. These emotions and feelings serve as effective foundations for the better brand positioning called for.

Amid an increasingly healthy-food conscious society, and within a $2 billion per year nutrition bar market, a December 2004 consumer research report entitled “The experiEmotive™ Drivers of Purchasing Nutrition Bars” has pinpointed the key emotions and feelings that drive consumers to buy nutrition bars. In doing so, the report provides comprehensive direction for emotion-based nutrition bar marketing and addresses a challenge for nutrition product companies to develop stronger brands with clear-cut positioning.

The challenge was put forth within a March 2004 Frost & Sullivan report, The U.S. Sports and Fitness Nutrition Markets. The Frost & Sullivan report claimed that “[most participants in the sports/nutrition industry] find themselves struggling to retain customer loyalty. Developing strong brands with distinct identities and clear-cut positioning holds the key to overcome this challenge.”

The study behind the experiEmotive™ report was conducted by experiEmotive™ analytics. Their researchers observed nutrition bar shoppers in a variety of stores and conducted two-hour in-depth interviews with people who had recently purchased a nutrition bar.

The report summarizes five emotional themes (called Key Chains) that nutrition bar manufacturers and marketers can use as foundations for their brands’ positionings. Two of the five emotional themes are:

•Control and Security

•Self-Image Connectedness.

Related to Control and Security, when buying nutrition bars some people strive to feel relaxed, trusting, and secure, but often feel helpless, uncertain, and insecure. Related to Self-Image Connectedness, when buying nutrition bars some people strive to feel unique, connected, and free, but often feel alienated, lost, and insecure.

The report also summarizes eight functional goals that people have when they shop for nutrition bars. Two of the eight functional goals are:

•Illness Management

•Appetite Management.

Furthermore, the report provides more than 30 detailed diagrams (called experiEmotive™ Maps) that illustrate specific experiences people have when they shop for nutrition bars and how people feel when they have those experiences.

“We recognize that triggering the proper emotions is crucial, if not essential, to more sophisticated branding,” writes Paul Conner, CEO (Chief Emotive Officer), experiEmotive™ analytics. “Whatever is done with marketing nutrition bars, emotion and feeling must be built into it.”

experiEmotive™ analytics is a consumer research company that specializes in discovering the “experience-to-emotional motive chains” that drive consumer behavior. Discovering these chains enables more effective emotionally-fueled marketing, particularly product designs, brands, positionings, advertising, and sales and customer service approaches. To learn more about experiEmotive™ analytics visit

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