Uncle Sam is Hospitalized

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Lately, heÂ?s been battling to break America loose from its addiction to imported oil.

Uncle Sam is a fighter on the front line in world wars, brush wars and border skirmishes.

Lately, he’s been battling to break America loose from its addiction to imported oil.

The rigors of the fight for energy independence and other injustices have put Sam in a rehab facility. His medical doctors discovered a tired and exhausted Sam, sick to his stomach from watching corporate fat cats and lobbyists work in direct opposition to the will of the people and the need to switch to domestic energy sources.

With all the misused government spending going on at the corporate and government levels, Sam is in both tough mental and physical shape. His muscles have atrophied from years of watching average Americans giving up without a fight.

Too many rip-offs of taxpayer money have left Sam - and average Americans - wasted and wanting. Sam was choking on false hopes and meaningless solutions – placating American citizens instead of listening to their worries about terrorism, foreign oil dependence and high gasoline prices.

The message is clear. Foreign oil funds terrorism. Until the overseas pipeline is plugged, America will always be in fear and its citizens hostages to oil-sopped dictators with one hand on their moneybags and the other on the trigger.

But what of America’s heart? Is it still strong and vital, pumped up and prepared for the challenge of a new energy future?

If it isn’t, help re-energize the man – and the nation – with help from patriotic citizens outraged by political indifference, corporate greed and unfulfilled political promises.

With a shot of righteous indignation and determination supplied by patriotic Americans, Sam can get up and out from rehab and teach the public the lesson that the only way to end oil-related woes is to encourage the development of alternative fuel sources right here in the United States.

We need to buy back America with moral means.

A healthy Uncle Sam represents hope for all Americans. All he needs is public and individual support to get well again.

Friends of Uncle Sam here at FOIL will soon set up a new Save Uncle Sam web site.

Send an e-mail to saveunclesam@joinfoil.org for updates on America’s favorite Uncle.


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