Electronic Reward & Gift Card Program Delivers Increased Sales Revenue - Unique "Activate-on-Demand" Concept Offers Merchants More Choices

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"The LoyaltyWise Solution Package" is unique because the heart of the program centers on three applications in one terminal, offering merchants an Â?activate-on-demandÂ? ability.

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The increase of the sound of merchants' cash registers whirling and receipt clicking may be the result of a unique and affordable promotional loyalty program for businesses, now available from LoyaltyWise.com and Synergy World, Inc. - two companies in San Diego, California focused on promotional loyalty services.

"The LoyaltyWise Solution Package" is a fast, efficient and affordable way for a business to offer customers an electronic gift card or reward card program," said Joel Kantor, CEO of Synergy World, Inc.

According to Kantor, the "The LoyaltyWise Solution Package" is unique because the heart of the program centers on three applications in one terminal, offering merchants an “activate-on-demand” ability. Merchants select which loyalty solution to activate at any time. Applications include a custom branded electronic gift card, reward card, and a measured loyalty card.

The first application, a custom/branded electronic gift card program, allows merchants to offer plastic gift cards with their own logo and company identity on the cards. The gift cards can be activated for any dollar amount. Every gift card transaction deducts the sale from the pre-paid balance. Every sales receipt prints the remaining balance on the card. There is also the unique ability to show a gross sale and a net sale amount on the sales receipt allowing merchants to offer a discount to those customers that use their gift cards.

The second application, a custom branded electronic Reward Card program, can be set up one of two ways.

1.) Points per Dollar Spent: Merchants have the flexibility to assign a point value for every dollar spent and the flexibility to offer higher point values on different days of the week. In addition, merchants set the prizes/gifts to be awarded when the pre-assigned point thresholds have been reached. Every sales receipt prints the points earned, total points and the prize the customer has earned allowing for real time redemption of prizes. Merchants can change their point values and prizes on-line at any time.

2.) Points per Transaction: Merchants assign one point per transaction and designate the point threshold a customer needs before a prize is awarded. Example: If a customer purchases 10 cups of coffee the 11th one is free.

The third application in the "The LoyaltyWise Solution Package", is a Measured Loyalty Card. The Measured Loyalty Card allows merchants the ability to limit the number of times their reward card can be redeemed for their specific offer. The card is loaded with a pre-set number of swipes/offers. Every time the card is used, a swipe/offer is deducted from the card. When all the swipes/offers have been used, the receipt will print “ card not valid”. "This application is ideal for any restaurant that wants to limit how many times a buy 1 get 1 free meal can be redeemed by a customer," said Kantor.

Measured loyalty cards streamline and offer additional control over other discount forms such a paper punch or stamp cards, and allow better tracking ability. As an option, merchants can even charge for the cards and increase sales revenue. Tying the card in with local fundraising events is also possible. Fundraising groups can sell the cards and raise funds for their organization. Cards are sold for any dollar amount and are valid for a limited number of buy one get one free offers.

All of the reward programs can be programmed with the ability to offer random instant winner prizes. In addition, all sales receipts have space for merchant or vendor advertising.

“An optional real time thank you e-mail can include other promotional offers from the merchant after every reward card transaction. This makes for an even more loyal customer,” Kantor said.

All of the above reward programs can be setup either as an individual merchant program or as a multi-merchant reward network.

Merchants and consumers can access the web to view and update all of the loyalty solutions.

"Most merchants are under the impression these kinds of loyalty programs are cost prohibitive, and therefore don’t take the time to look into them. The “Loyaltywise Solution Package” is easy to install, flexible, affordable and priced for any sized merchant. In addition to our affordable pricing structure, we have NO MINIMUM Card Orders, allowing the smaller merchant to enter the Loyalty arena," Kantor said.

According to Kantor, a company can set-up the program through a special savings offer for as little as $595. The package enables the "LoyaltyWise Solution Package" to be activated with all three applications.

The following are included in the special offer:

• Custom Branded Electronic Gift Card Application

• Custom Branded Reward Card Application

• Custom Branded Measured Loyalty Card Application

• Processing Terminal & Printer

• Terminal Programming

• Phone Based Training & Support

• Custom Artwork Design and Printer Setup

• 50 Custom Printed Cards & Carriers

• Point-of-Sale Promotion Materials

"Smart business managers know that every transaction is a chance to build a stronger bond with their customers. With the right combination of loyalty programs and increased transaction volume, customer retention can increase five times or more. Through creative promotional loyalty programs, new customers can be introduced to the company as well," said Scott Robinson, LoyaltyWise.com's founder. Businesses want to let their customers know they appreciate them, as well as generate new customers. But they need promotions that won't cost them an arm and a leg," Robinson said.

Synergy World, Inc. and LoyaltyWise.com are currently building a complete gift and reward card platform that allows merchants to redeem gift or other promotional certificates, activate and redeem gift cards as well as the ability to issue reward points through a simple phone call. This offers businesses the flexibility of eliminating the swipe terminal if they wish. Using a telephony based reward system increases the range of products and services that can be promoted through a reward or other promotional program. "Now a salesperson who is making a sale in the field either at a customers home or a place of business can redeem offers or issue points right on the spot," said Robinson. "The customer can receive a "mobile receipt" or "m-receipt" which displays instantly on their mobile phone. The receipt can also be sent instantly to an email address.

The National Retail Federation reports that gift card sales at all retailers are expected to top $17.3 billion this year and continue to grow. Unique and affordable loyalty applications like the "LoyaltyWise Solution Package" will help fuel that growth.

LoyaltyWise.com and Synergy World, Inc. are companies in San Diego, California focused on promotional loyalty services. For more information on customer reward and gift programs and developing your business through customer satisfaction visit http://www.loyaltywise.com.


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• Electronic Reward & Gift Card Program Delivers Increased Sales Revenue - Unique "Activate-on-Demand" Concept Offers Merchants More Choices

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