Typéfi Announces Availability of Version 2 of the Typéfi Publishing System (TPS) – The Intelligent Publishing Solution

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Leading developer of solutions for book, corporate, and enterprise publishing applications delivers a powerful XML-based Content Management, Workflow Management, and Automated Publishing System featuring a revolutionary, scriptless document layout technology.

Typéfi Systems, Inc. a 4-year old developer of intelligent, scalable, cross-media publishing solutions has announced the release of version 2 of its flagship Typéfi Publishing System (TPS). TPSv2 provides a breakthrough in ease-of-use for automated publishing solutions in addition to providing robust workflow management and content management capabilities.

TPSv2 uses a unique intelligent layout technology to capture design and presentation rules and then automatically layout any combination of text, tables, illustrations, photographs and various other elements at speeds that are thousands of times faster than a manual process. Producing up to 15,000 richly-formatted pages per hour, TPSv2 can generate print-ready documents in just a fraction of the time it would take to achieve the same result manually. Furthermore, the system’s background intelligence uses the same design techniques employed by existing desktop operators to achieve high quality, balanced designs that appear to be crafted by hand.

Developing the design rules for TPS couldn’t be simpler. Using a familiar desktop publishing package such as Adobe® InDesign®, graphic designers can apply their own rules to any template in a matter of minutes. And once those intelligent templates have been developed, they can be used over and over again, no matter how many times the content changes. With patent-pending layout technology that required no additional programming or scripting, TPSv2 can be easily used by existing designers and compositors to its full extent with little additional training or specialized knowledge.

“Typéfi has clearly set a new standard for ease-of-use for automated publishing,” said Thad McIlroy, an electronic publishing analyst and author, and president of the consulting firm Arcadia House. “The improvements they’ve made in usability over the established solutions simply can’t be overstated – they’ve literally turned automated publishing into child’s play!”

In addition to its automated publishing capabilities TPS provides robust, XML-compliant server-based content management capabilities that are tightly integrated into desktop software tools such as Microsoft® Word® and Adobe® InDesign®. All content, including text, illustrations, photographs, tables, and more can be easily managed and approved via a centralized server-based interface. Full “round-tripping” makes it easy to ensure that content edits are synchronized across the project whether the edit is made in the original Word document or the final layout. The round-trip capabilities also ensure corrections to the final pages in the output document are never lost, facilitating content reuse across media and multiple print editions.

TPS’s advanced Web console makes it simple to manage workflows that involve both internal and external staff. Managers can see at a glance where each part of the project stands, and team members are free to access and update their piece as and when they need to.

“With version 2 of TPS, we have delivered a system that provides a very compelling value proposition,” said Steve Huff, CEO of Typéfi. “Whether the need is to publish books or documents such as annual reports, technical manuals, prospectuses, policies and procedures, TPS can streamline the publishing processes and deliver a solid return-on-investment. As a result, we’re proud to have already established strategic relationships with some of the largest publishers in the world which we believe will drive strong adoption of TPSv2 during the first half of 2005.”

Underlying the industry-leading intelligence of TPS is the standards-based Typéfi Technology Platform that ensures easy integration into any IT environment, both now and in the future. With support for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux operating systems, XML compliance throughout, and full support for internal and external users, TPS can operate across platforms and existing user workflows. It can be implemented in a matter of minutes for standalone workgroups, and is easily integrated into any enterprise-wide publishing solution.

“TPS is an open, extensible software system for automated publishing,” said Stephen O’Brien, founder and CTO of Typéfi. “We made a significant investment in the Typéfi Technology Platform to ensure that TPS was built on industry-standard software platforms, with deep support for XML providing seamless integration with leading applications such as Adobe® InDesign® and Microsoft® Word®. TPSv2 is the platform on which we can rapidly build solutions for the automated publishing of virtually any kind of document.”

TPSv2 is available now. For more information visit http://www.typefi.com or call 1-(866) 279-5173.

About Typéfi

Typéfi is a leader and innovator in the development of intelligent, scalable, cross-media publishing solutions. Typéfi is the only provider of completely standards-based, scriptless publishing solutions for the rapid production of richly-formatted documents such as books, annual reports, manuals, journals, and marketing collateral in workgroups or enterprise-wide environments.

Founded in 2001, Typéfi is committed to delivering excellence across all of its solutions, products, and services. In combination with Typéfi’s strong alliances with industry leaders such as Adobe, that commitment is quickly translating into commercial success and a rapid return-on-investment for many of the world’s leading publishers of richly-formatted documents.

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