Former Homeless Man Writes Novel

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For over two years, Clayton Carpenter was homeless. Traveling on foot, he drifted from Mississippi to California using "ground-found" materials--pencil stubs and paper of all sorts to draft "Shadow of Turning". Motivated to see his novel published, he returned home to New Orleans where he re-entered the work force and polished the novel. "Shadow of Turning has now been published by iUniverse, Inc.

In "Shadow of Turning" pointed questions arise at the beginning:

  • Ever been so angry you couldn't sleep?
  • Ever been lied about, but you couldn't make it right?
  • Ever want revenge on the people who did it?

Ben Kelly is tormented every day by such questions. During his youth, poverty, family violence, and abuse cut into him like a razor. But he survives these things along with a thuggish adolescence, and through force of will he becomes successful as a professional. At the apex of his career, he is struck with slanderous accusations about his character. Trusted friends slither through clouds of deception to attack. The career he fought so hard to attain is left in shambles. Then, people around him start to die in a variety of "accidents" as he experiences close calls himself. Is there a connection between the deaths and his former bosses, who are people who will stop at nothing to protect their interests? If so, what can he do about it? His only option is to confront powerful people who are adept at using the law to their advantage.

Will his thin veneer of sophistication hold up under the pressure, or will old thoughts and ideas resurface to trigger unpredictable behavior? If his actions become extreme, how far will he go? Practically penniless and fearful of losing his grip on sanity, he forces himself on, battling to stay alive while seeking answers. His unique path through hard circumstances leads him down a perilous road of action across three Southern states.

Clayton Carpenter's background includes work as a bouncer, a high-climbing industrial carpenter, a teacher and a guidance counselor. Not long ago, he was homeless, and it was then that he wrote "Shadow of Turning". Most of that period was spent in remote wooded areas. Coming from a rural background, he knew how to stay alive in nature, and some of his survival techniques were adapted for the main character.

When asked how experiencing homelessness affected the writing of his novel, Mr. Carpenter said, "We learn to be whoever we are. What we learn impacts our thinking and point of view. Learning from a prolonged survival situation gives one a different kind of voice for writing."

Another question involved whether he would ever revert back to his homeless condition. He responded, "It depends. I'm not afraid of being there again. Whether it will happen, I just don't know. I can say that I wouldn't trade those years for any amount of money."

Clayton Carpenter spends most of his free time in wilderness areas. When not hanging out in nature, he lives in New Orleans with a rough looking orange cat of undetermined heritage.

"Shadow of Turning", ISBN: 0-595-66507-1(cloth)

and ISBN: 0-595-32199-2(pbk.) is distributed through Ingram Book Group and Baker & Taylor. It is available through internet booksellers and bookstores. Also, to preview and/or purchase readers can visit Clayton Carpenter can be reached at (504)338-9909. His fax number is (504)309-4358.

iUniverse, one of the largest book publishing companies in the United States,shortens time-to-market and gives authors control over when and how their works are published. iUniverse publishing programs are endorsed by industry leading author organizations, including the Authors Guild, ASJA, and Mystery Writers of America. iUniverse is a proud member of the Association of American Publishers, Publishers Marketing Association, and Small Publishers Association of North America. The company's major investors include Warburg Pincus and Barnes & Noble.

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