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Send Out Cards has developed a new concept in an online contact management system, which allows users to access 2000+ special occasion greeting cards from over 25+ categories. You can enter your own personal message in the greeting card/postcard, upload a picture (.jpg), even have your own handwriting and signature made into a font. After that simply click and send the personalized card. Send Out Cards then takes the request prints a high quality 5x7 (4 color process/card stock just like card specialty stores) greeting card, along with your personal message and pictures, places it in an envelope and attaches a real stamp and mails it out for you. All for 1/3 (Less than $1.90 and as low as $1.00 with postage) the cost of doing it the old fashioned way! No more going to the card shop to pay $3-$4 on a card, no more going to the post office and standing in line for postage and no more going to your mailbox to mail the cards. Send cards from the comfort of your computer chair and even in your pajamas if you like. If you own a business of any kind and you maintain clients/customers (Real Estate, Service Sector, Retail, Small Business, Home Business Professionals) you can create an amazing and profitable customer appreciation process using Send out Cards service. The service is capable of handling single cards and or multiple card mailings with a touch of the keyboard. Yet another cost savings and increasing the bottom line in any business P&L Statement!

Nothing makes people feel more appreciated than a kind word or two contained in a personalized greeting card from you. It works because it's unexpected, shows attention to detail, and it communicates your message in a way that's virtually guaranteed to be well received. And now, the process of sending a greeting card couldn't be easier, using our automated greeting card sender.

With our unique, automated internet based contact management system; the process of reaching out to your clients, customers, prospects, referral sources, friends and family members is as simple as a few mouse clicks. And best of all, we do it for less than half what you would pay for a quality greeting card at your local greeting card shop. Oh, and you can send postcards too, so you're covered either way.

By automating the process of sending a personalized greeting card, we've made it possible for you to touch the people that matter to you frequently, easily and cost effectively.

These aren't low budget knock-offs of other quality greeting card manufacturers. Instead, each of our cards is an original design we created, printed for you on the highest quality stock available.

So, if you can type an email message and click "send", you can use our online system to input your contacts information, select the card you want to send, personalize it with your own message, and have us print, stuff, and mail it to anyone you select. You can even have the message printed in your handwriting!

So, if you're ready to put your personal contact management on autopilot, give us a call so we can get you started immediately. We can have you up and running in minutes, enjoying the benefits of one of the most powerful and convenient communications tools you've ever seen. Don't delay! Do it right now, and make an extraordinary difference in your business, and in your relationships with others. We're standing by to help you, so give us a call right now!

Some key points of why I recommend Send Out Cards, LLC:

  • You can use this service as a standalone service (Not forced to participate in the business opportunity)
  • If you want to participate in the business opportunity Low start-up costs, extensive on-line off-line training
  • No inventory, No collections, No FDA worries with our products (Just don't eat the cards please!)
  • A simple marketing system of sharing the business with Demo Accounts and Professional DVD Presentation
  • Let's face it how can anyone customer, client, potential clients, friends or family be upset receiving greeting cards!
  • The company is Professional and sincere and very responsive to their customers and business affiliates
  • A professional team of single moms & dads, business owners, and friends and family are ready to help you.

At no obligation to you, request a free Demonstration of the system and or Sample Card and DVD Presentation at our website. The free demonstration should you request it will allow you to send a card of your choice from our entire catalog of greeting cards, along with a special personal message from you to the recipient.

If you like the idea but just can not see doing this as a business Opportunity, but would love to use the service visit my retail only site and if you hurry you can get a Send Out Card User License and 100 greeting card credits (Buy more as you need them and or get on autoship for substantial savings on the greeting cards) to get started for $98 visit

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