China Boom Two Way Street

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Seeing the words "Made in China" is commonplace in the USA and many are fearful of China's rapid growth and potential. What most people are unaware of is that the 1.3 billion Chinese people in China are starving for access to foreign business, goods, services, and brands, and from that angle there is potential for many US-based businesses trying to break ground into China. But getting in requires an expert and it is no ancient Chinese secret that only the very best sinologist will do.

It seems like everything is made in China. The Chinese are making billions from the American economy. However, the fact is the Chinese want your products too. They are thirsty to touch, feel, smell, and taste American-made products. How can the average person, small business owner or major corporation cash in on China’s rapid growth? You call an expert!

Boston, MASS

1500 hours

23rd Jan 2005

Erlinda Sage is the founder of Chinaology. The Web site for the organization is located at There is also a new TV show called Chinaology by Erlinda Sage coming to local public access channels. Erlinda Sage reads, writes and speaks Mandarin Chinese. She has lived, worked, and studied in most of China. She knows major business leaders, government figures and university officials in China.

Erlinda Sage holds Bachelor's Degrees in Chinese, International Affairs, and Spanish. She is a former US Army Military Police Officer. She is multilingual. Erlinda Sage is an expert sinologist with real world, hands-on experience in China that is sought after by multinational corporations, entrepreneurs, diplomats, and small businesses alike.

Chinaology, based in Boston, Massachusetts, will offer services to include:

China business development, on-site representation, adoption agency screening and support consultation, public seminars and speaking on Chinese language, customs, culture, trade, travel and tourism. Chinaology helps bridge gaps and solves problems for anyone wanting to visit China or make money in China.

"On the other side of the coin are Chinese wanting to come into the USA to do business. Some Chinese living in the USA want to learn how to speak Mandarin Chinese-vs-Cantonese. I have also helped many Chinese people obtain visas to get into the USA for education, or business." - Erlinda Sage, founder, Chinaology.

“If you plan on doing business in China, you need a proven, reliable expert to negotiate contracts, handle red tape, and represent you in all aspects of your operation from start to finish. The truth is, there is a fortune waiting for you in China, but you need to hire top quality personnel who know the Chinese people, their customs, culture, ways of doing business, and certainly be able to read, write and speak fluent Mandarin Chinese. Not only do I know most of the key players in the China market boom on a first name basis, but I understand the fabric of Chinese business. I know how to speak to the factory owners, and the critical points of contact in China to keep supply chains functioning. I have contacts that most diplomats would die for. My clients are well represented. They sleep well at night while their profits and market base grows." -Erlinda Sage, founder, Chinaology.

Erlinda Sage is available for consultation, special contracts, and case-by-case basis. Rates vary based on the scope and nature of a given project. Typical projects require an initial retainer.

"I have to laugh when a new client calls and they seem shocked that I am already in China somewhere as if they expect me to be in my office in Boston all the time. The fact of the matter is, my clients get the representation they deserve and I often find myself on a flight to China, or a train headed to some remote location in China to help a client. It's what I do. I live more at my home in China than I do in the USA but if someone needs me, they can pick up the phone and I'll take care of them. Many times I am right at the business table in China with my clients who have never been to China before. I help them get squared away. I dot all the i's and cross the t's. But all in fluent Chinese of course." - Erlinda Sage, founder, Chinaology.

Examples of our recent Projects:

Opened a rep office and introduced a product line for a biotechnology corporation.

Represented an international banking firm.

Represented a law firm wanting to open in Shanghai.

Represented a private security firm wanting to sell products and services in China.

Represented an import/export business based in Germany wanting to open operations in Shanghai and Beijing.

Represented a Canada-based manufacturer on a joint venture deal with a Chinese factory.

Baby Adoptions:

"I do a lot of cases involving baby adoptions as well. That's a long process and although I am not a licensed adoption agency myself, I bridge gaps so that the people wanting to make a legal adoption can get all of the information they need and I solve problems for them. Essentially I act as their representative. It helps their hearts, minds, and souls during what can sometimes be a difficult process. There is so much red tape during an adoption and as two governments talk to eachother the couple wanting to make an adoption and the child seem to get placed in the back seat. That's where my experience can make a difference. I get answers, facts, and real time data necessary to make an informed decision. My clients are not left in the dark." - Erlinda Sage, founder, Chinaology

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