Smart Marketing Strategies and Business Solutions to avoid Business Failure Revealed at New Australian Website

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Empower Business Solutions is pleased to announce the launch of their new website According to the ABS, most Australian businesses will fail within 10 years. This new website describes the steps for Australian business owners to take to protect their business from failure. It also shows owners the steps to take to grow their business and to take it to the next level.

ABS statistics show that more than half of all businesses operating today won’t be around 10 years from now. And, in a recent survey in Business Week, 61% of businesses are either unprofitable or just barely breaking even. Empower Business Solutions reveals to Australian business owners smart Marketing Strategies and Business Solutions and the steps to take to avoid business failure and to dramatically grow their business.

Dr. Greg Chapman MBA, the director of Empower Business Solutions, explains: “there is much a business owner can do to help themselves to avoid becoming one of the statistics. When you talk to business owners as often as I do, you see that they have one of two problems- either they don’t have enough customers, or else they are just so busy handling the customers they have because their business systems are ineffective. All the steps that a business owner should take to avoid failure, a fate that most will share, are described for visitors to the Empower Business Solutions new website. There is also a Solution Line that visitors can use to ask for advice about problems specific to their own business.”

Based on research undertaken by Empower Business Solutions, there are three main reasons why business owners don’t seek help- even if it is offered free. The first is that seeking help can be seen as an admission of failure. Business Owners are justifiably proud of their achievements and are skeptical that anyone knows as much about their business as they do. In many cases they have achieved their success in spite of gratuitous advice. However, anyone in any field of endeavor who has ‘made it’, will readily admit that somewhere along the line they have received advice. Empower Business Solutions provides advice over many different business sectors and therefore will see opportunities in an owner’s business that they can’t see themselves. As Dr Chapman says, “business owners often know the answers; they just don’t know the questions!”

The second reason business owners don’t seek advice is that it is viewed as a cost rather than an investment in their business. Good advice will pay for itself many times over and Empower Business Solutions programs are guaranteed to do just that. And thirdly, they may have had a bad experience from advice they had received previously. Empower Business Solutions has over 20 years of experience of actually running businesses, not just advising others how to do it.

Empower Business Solutions provides coaching and consultancy services and shows business owners how to dramatically increase their profits by utilizing smart Marketing Strategies. They also show owners how to get their businesses to operate without them through Business Planning and Business Systems. These strategies have been proven repeatedly to work for companies, big and small around Australia.

Business failure can be avoided through following a series of well defined steps. These same steps are also essential for any business owner who wishes to take advantage of the economic climate we are currently enjoying in Australia to take their business to the next level. These steps are clearly explained at Empower Business Solutions website at


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