On Valentine's Day - Is He a "Keeper" or a "Leaper?" - Let Extreme Makeover's "Flirting & Kissing Coach" Help You Find Out if You're Dating a Frog or a Prince

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Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the year for couples. But what if you’ve only been dating your guy a short while? It might be too soon for him to profess mad, passionate love. Take heart! Relationship expert and author, Marilyn Anderson, reveals that this holiday is the perfect time to discover your boyfriend's “Prince Potential” or “Ribbit Rating!” She gives women guidelines to determine if the man they're dating has the makings of a Prince Charming… or a Royal Toad! Anderson is the author of "Never Kiss A Frog: A Girl's Guide to Creatures from the Dating Swamp." She can be seen as the "Flirting & Kissing Coach" on ABC's "Extreme Makeover" in a unique and fun segment to air March 3.

Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the year for millions of married people and other happy couples. But what if you’ve just started going out with someone? How do you know if he's your true soulmate? Take heart!

Relationship expert and author, Marilyn Anderson says this holiday is the perfect time to discover your partner's “Prince Potential” or “Ribbit Rating!” She offers guidelines to help women determine if the man they are dating will turn into Prince Charming… or a Royal Toad!

With wit and wisdom, Marilyn reveals various ways that women can recognize a Frog before Valentine’s Day -- so while there’s still time, they can throw him back in the pond and find a new date.

And, says Anderson, "Valentine's Night is when you can really find out if he’s a Prince or a Frog! Whether it’s the gift he gives you, where he takes you, or how he treats you… there are definite signs to let you know if he’s your knight in shiny armor… or in slimy armor."

Marilyn just shot a segment as the “Flirting & Kissing Coach” for ABC’s hit show, “Extreme Makeover.” On the episode, Marilyn gives advice to a shy young woman who undergoes cosmetic surgery and comes out a real hottie! But she has no dating – or kissing – experience. Marilyn teaches her "10 Top Tips on How to Flirt” and the “3 P’s” of kissing: Position, Pressure, and Pucker!

You're in for fun and surprises on this exceptional episode of "Extreme Makeover" set to air March 3.

As a dating coach, Marilyn has a unique background. She was originally a biologist and worked at the National Academy of Sciences - where she became well versed in the mating habits of animals! She later became a comedian and worked alongside performers such as Jerry Seinfeld. After a brief stint as an actress, Marilyn turned her attention to film and TV writing for Murphy Brown, FAME, and Carol & Company, starring Carol Burnett.

As a single woman, Marilyn has been in the Dating Swamp forever, and sees both the pitfalls and humor in relationships. She brings an uncanny level of knowledge and wit to any discussion of dating, flirting or kissing... and specifically warns women - Never Kiss A Frog!

Producers: For an entertaining and informative segment for Valentine’s Day - call Marilyn now.

Newspaper Editors: “On Valentine’s Day - Is he a Keeper or a Leaper?” is available as a complete article.

Credentials: Marilyn Anderson has appeared on over 100 radio & television shows, and at speaking engagements across the country with her unique blend of comedy and advice. She is featured in this month’s Teen People and Complete Woman magazines as well as in the Sun and the National Examiner. Ms. Anderson has also been written up in the Rocky Mountain News, Las Vegas Sun, Boca News, and LA Splash Magazine. She has written articles for single’s columns in various newspapers, including the Los Angeles Times. Marilyn is the author of "Never Kiss A Frog: A Girl’s Guide to Creatures from the Dating Swamp."

Visit Marilyn’s “webbed” sites: http://www.neverkissafrog.com and http://www.FrogMart.us

Availability: California, nationwide by arrangement and telephone; available last minute

Contact Info: 310-502-4047 or email Marilyn@neverkissafrog.com


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