Expresso 5.6 Integrates More Open Source Projects

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Expresso Architectural framework Leverages Further Integration with Proven Open Source projects With Release 5.6.

Jcorporate Ltd. is pleased to announce the latest release of its award winning Expresso Framework. The open source Expresso 5.6 release builds on a solid feature set with several new open source products integrated and representing over 1000 cvs commits of framework enhancements. Expresso's powerful, scalable architectural framework creates an approach to J2EE Java Web development that makes programming more management and fun.

With more than 34,000 registered developers as part of its successful open source community, Expresso has established itself as the most popular development framework for Java developers. Since Expresso's release in June 1999, it has been downloaded ~170,000 times and the number of downloads continues to accelerate. This rapid adoption, coupled with the breadth and depth of the framework and its commitment to integrate with other proven open source projects makes the Expresso framework the best possible choice.

Expresso is available free of charge for download at

Expresso is differentiated by its intentional and cooperative effort in the creation of an architectural framework that builds on the evolving Java standards and integrating best of breed open source components. Release 5.6 includes Struts Validator integration, Velocity support, and Maven integration complementing several other open source projects integrated. Expresso integrates and builds on many open source projects including Ant, Bouncycastle, Cactus, Commons, Log4J, ORO, Oswego Concurrent, JUnit, Struts, Tiles, Velocity, Xalan, Xerces, and more.

Expresso provides more than 65,881 lines of ready-to-go code in 593 classes. A framework standardized approach means less coding, easier maintenance and debugging, and a fast learning curve. Instead of tedious, repetitive coding, programmers focus on cost- and time-efficient development.

“Certainly, developers suffer the consequences of poorly architected systems. Their lives will be made better both personally and professionally by enterprise architectures. Their work projects will be more interesting, and the horrible errors that lead to throwing out months of work can be avoided. It’s a disciplined software engineering approach to application systems development.” said Sandra Cann, COO. "Using Expresso's architectural framework which leverages proven open source projects means reduced risk and reduced cost of project deployment."

"Expresso gives us everything we need to build enterprise strength software, while also providing a solid software architecture which is constantly evolving and embracing new technologies as they emerge and integrating them into the major framework." said Amaizo Henri Yves, Technology Manager Edis software France. "For this reason GFI Progiciels in France uses Expresso as the main key of the development software platform" said Marcel Didier, GFI Progiciels General Manager."

Here are some highlights of the Release 5.6 release:

  • Struts Validator Integration for validating input forms.
  • Velocity support for the view.
  • Maven build system integration
  • Better Tiles support through TilesController
  • Stored Procedure Support: DBObjects now supports stored procedures.
  • New JDK 1.4 and Servlet 2.3 Requirements
  • Bug Fixes: includes 35 bug fixes
  • Updated Expresso Developer's Guide
  • Updated Example and Tutorial
  • and much more including performance improvements, feature improvements, code cleanup, updated javadocs etc.

Expresso is also complemented by the Expresso WebServices component which is now free to all Expresso Premium Support customers.

Expresso is also differentiated by the company's support offerings for support, development and migration services to bring your Expresso application current to version 5.6. As well with this release, we are also now offering training classes. Jcorporate's Professional Support Team is comprised of the elite core developers of Expresso who know the product best.

Expresso solves a critical need in the Java development world by unifying and integrating together a foundation set of components that standardize common programming tasks including authentication, persistence, object-relational mapping, background job handling and scheduling, self-tests, logging, connection pooling, event notification, caching, internationalization, XML automation, configuration, workflow and much more. Expresso is the only open source framework augmented by an extensive suite of collaborative applications, including content management, discussion forum, helpdesk, faq, polling etc. New versions of all these applications are available for Expresso 5.6.

About Jcorporate

Jcorporate is an enterprise software company providing: Expresso, a dynamic application architecture for companies building J2EE applications; and providing add-on collaborative software including content management, discussion forums, helpdesk and faq. All of the company's products are available with source code. Some of the world's largest organizations rely on Jcorporate technology to drive their success, including Siemens, Remax, Kmart, Sony, Motorola, Lucent, Deutsche Bank, Hughes, Citibank, Ford, Internet Security Systems, and UCI.

Recognizing that corporations need committed dedication to meet their support requirements, Jcorporate has been a leader providing professional services for open source since its inception. The Jcorporate Professional Support Team is comprised of the people that know the product best, the core developers who write Expresso and its complementary components. Our proven project management skills and technology expertise allow us to provide cost effective solutions on flexible business terms. We emphasize rapid application development and deployment using our signature framework, Expresso. All of this is packaged in a pragmatic pricing approach to deliver quality, working systems within fixed schedules and budgets. That's the heart of the Jcorporate Guarantee: We will deliver projects on time, within budget, and to 100 percent client satisfaction.

For more information visit or please contact:

Sandra Cann

Jcorporate Ltd


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