Gastric Bypass Pill for Weight Loss Without Bariatric Surgery

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Gastric bypass surgery or the stomach blocking bariatic surgery is increasingly being considered as the only effective means of reducing weight but it is fraught with serious side effects and is expensive. An Atlanta, GA based company claims to have developed worldÂ?s first Gastric bypass pill that fills the stomach with a natural balloon which makes it virtually impossible to eat. More information at

Obesity and overweight has reached levels of epidemic proportion in America . According to latest estimates as high as 70% of Americans may be overweight, obese or morbidly obese. Excess consumption of high calorie foods and sedentary life style has brought this malady. Ideal amount of calories consumed per day is around 1800 calories for a reasonably active male. But an average American may go to bed after consuming more than double that amount of calories. Every 4000 calorie excess consumption raises the body weight by 1 Pound. Being overweight significantly reduces the quality of life causing myriad health complications ranging from Diabetes to Heart diseases to sexual debility. It is important to be of normal weight to have a good Standard of living. Diet control and Physical activity should always be opted as the first choice for weight reduction.

There are numerous Diet plants for weight loss like Atkins Diet, South Beach Diet, Diabetic Diet, Zone, Vegan, Protein Power etc. These diet plans call for certain level of rigor, sacrifice and will power on the part of the followers. Excellent results can be expected if they are followed diligently. But it is never easy to follow such a Diet plans on a permanent basis.

Gastric bypass surgery or the stomach blocking bariatic surgery is increasingly being considered as the only effective means of reducing weight. In this weight loss surgery a portion of the stomach is blocked by means of surgical stapling. Food then bypasses most of the stomach. This reduces hunger pangs and instills a feeling of fullness in the stomach. One can eat much less and still not feel hungry. In fact he would not be able to eat even if he did want to. Eating less is the only means of controlling weight. Physical activity can help only with certain limit. An hour of intense workout on treadmill can burn off around 500 calories, compare this with around 900 calories in one large sized pizza alone.

But there are serious risks and complications associated with Gastric bypass surgery. Doctors estimate the fatality rate to be as high as 1 in 100. Most who have undergone Bariatric surgery may develop stomach leaks, kidney and other organ related problems making the whole process very painful. Apart from causing physical pain Gastric weight loss surgery can cause significant financial strain. A single surgery can cost around 40,000$ easily. Most insurance companies will not pay for it or pay only for a part of it.

A Healthcare Company based in Atlanta, Georgia claims to have developed the world's first Gastric bypass pill which effects similar staggering weight loss without any of the risks associated with it and at a fraction of the cost. It has developed a Herbal formulation in the form of a capsule. Taken 5 minutes before meals with water, it will absorb the water and form a digestible herbal gel in the stomach. It will immediately effect a feeling of fullness in the stomach and it would make it impossible to eat beyond a small quantity. One can reduce the overall food intake by as much as 70% without feeling hunger pangs and anxiety. This healthcare company has claimed that within one month a staggering 10 pounds of weight can be reduced and over a period of few months as much as 60 Pounds of body weight can be reduced. This company states that since this Herbal Gel capsule was introduced in the market over 200,000 have used and benefited from it immensely. More information about this Product and the company can be had at


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