Xytex Marks 30th Year of Creating Families through Innovation

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Since 1975 fertility specialists worldwide have turned to Xytex Corporation to provide donor sperm to help their patients have healthy babies through assisted reproduction.

Since 1975 fertility specialists worldwide have turned to Xytex Corporation to provide donor sperm to help their patients have healthy babies through assisted reproduction.

Over the past three decades, thousands of babies have been conceived using Xytex donor semen. Initially, only anonymous donor semen was offered to physicians whose patients were experiencing male factor infertility. Some years later, Xytex took the lead in offering recipients the option of Open Identity Donors who are willing to release their identity to their offspring once the child reaches age of majority (18).

From corporate offices in Augusta, Ga., and a second office in Atlanta, the sperm bank has grown tremendously over these past 30 years under the leadership of its president, Armand M. Karow, Ph.D. Born out of a medical research environment under the direction of Dr. Karow, Xytex has stayed on the cutting edge of reproductive medicine.

Under its mantra of “creating families through innovation,” Xytex offers a family of services to meet every need of assisted reproductive technology, including an egg donor program through Xytex Ovations and sperm and embryo storage available through Xytex Tissue Storage.

Faced with infertility, more and more women are choosing an egg donor to help fulfill their dream of motherhood. Rather than turning to the Internet to find a donor, women can now trust Xytex Ovations for qualified egg donors who are evaluated just as carefully using ASRM (American Society for Reproductive Medicine) standards as Xytex’s semen donors.

Choosing to have a child using a donor gamete is a lifetime decision and one not to be made lightly. Recipients can rest assured that only a small percentage of those who apply as donors actually qualify after being evaluated socially, medically, psychologically and genetically.

Over the past 30 years, Xytex has sustained its heritage as a leader in providing technologically excellent services. Equally important, Xytex is committed to being “high touch.” As part of the company’s corporate philosophy, Xytex believes that semen and egg donor recipients and their offspring should have as much information about donors as donors are willing to provide.

Counted among Xytex firsts are adult photos of donors (Photofile™ in 1994), baby photos of donors (Babyfile™ in 1996), videos of donors (Videofile™ in 1998) and most recently, the I.N.F.O. program in 2003. I.N.F.O., which stands for Informative Narrated Fone Options, is the donor industry’s first form of real-time communications. Using a telephone-based conference call environment, prospective patients hear their potential donor’s live answers to their pre-submitted questions. Xytex believes in giving patients access to a closeness that was once considered unobtainable.

Xytex Tissue Storage (XTS), another vital member of the corporate family of services, preserves future fertility for those whose chance of having a child of their own is threatened. Fertility can be put at risk for reasons ranging from cancer treatment and certain medications to work environment and vasectomy. In addition to preserving and storing sperm, XTS also maintains patients’ embryos and preserves ovarian and testicular tissue.

As part of its ongoing commitment to quality customer service, Xytex offers physicians and patients the latest information, including its online donor listing, via its Web site at http://www.xytex.com.

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