Ladies, Relieve Menstrual Cramps Without Drugs or Surgery. Watch as a Woman with Possibly the Most Horrific Menstrual Problems You've Ever Heard of Tells Her Story

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Study conducted to prove I can teach any woman to relieve her menstrual pain without drugs or surgery. Nine ladies completed the study, all nine had significant or complete relief from their pain and other conditions as well.

The results surprised even me says Donovan,

Reiki master, Jeff Donovan claims he can teach any woman to relieve herself from monthly cramps, regardless of the cause.

"I've been telling people I can teach them to heal themselves, but people aren't listening," says Donovan, "as I went along, I found amazing results helping women to relive their cramps and decided to focus on this one area."

He decided to put a study together so he could show some documented cases to prove what he says. Nine out of ten women completed the study, ranging in age between 17 & 40. Nine out of nine women reported significant or complete relief from their cramps, and those who suffer from other conditions reported benefits in these areas as well. "The results surprised even me says Donovan, "I expected them to come in and say they were feeling better, but I never expected this!"

One woman in particular, Kristen a 22 year old woman suffers from PCOS, or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. Kristen reported that she has a typical cycle of 45 - 60 days, with cramps, bloating, nausea, headaches, insomnia and depression each of the days of her cycle. Within a week, she was feeling considerable improvement. Within approximately 30 days she has found complete relief from these symptoms and significant decrease in her bleeding as well.

Annie has suffered with Endometriosis for over 20 years. She has endured three surgeries, every drug imaginable, hormone therapy, even temporary menopause, all with no relief and again, within 40 days, she had complete relief from her pain. She reported that her period came unexpectedly and she wasn't prepared, because she hadn't had a single cramp.

Another woman, Tara stated "I can't wait for my next period because I'll have been doing Reiki longer. I've never said that before in my life. Usually, it's like, three days and counting!

Skepticism was a common statement that came up. Of the nine women, only one reported any type of optimism she actually had the ability to heal herself. The other eight reported being very skeptical going in. Jeff ads, "I was skeptical when I started doing this, but two people very close to me, a husband and wife, were both diagnosed with cancer within a matter of weeks of each other. The man had a very aggressive form of lymphoma. I started getting healthy and stumbled into alternative healing methods." Donovan continues, "I didn't think I had any special gifts, but the potential benefits far outweighed the financial risk, and results came very quickly."

That was four years ago and the rest is history.

Reiki quickly became a major part of Jeff's life and one night it became clear to him that he needed to be a Reiki master and share this incredible gift with the world.

According to Jeff, Tara summed it up best when she said, " don't need Advil, forget Mydol, forget everything else that everyone tells you you need. You don't need that stuff. You just need your hands and a couple of minutes. I recommend it wholeheartedly to everybody."

We are all born with the ability to heal. Ladies, you don't have to suffer any more! All you need to do is, open your mind and spend 20-30 minutes a day practicing simple techniques. Reiki is very easy to perform, you can literally do it while you're watching TV, sitting at your desk, or while laying down to sleep at night.

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Seven of the nine ladies were able to make it to the filming of these interviews. I have put the best four interviews on a DVD, which is available, free of charge for any reputable member of the media.

You may view sample clips of some of these interviews on the right.

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