USA Teamwork & Cross Border Cooperation Entrepreneurship Reality Shows Head To Los Angeles & New York For Investors, and Entrepreneurs.

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With site up and running the next step is to make these cooperative shows a reality by finding capital and the American/ Canadian business people to make it happen.

Any excellent idea starts with a point in time where it can be a concrete pitch. That is the stage that USA Teamwork (a show that places five west coast Americans and five east coast Americans together to create ten successful businesses) & Cross-Border Cooperation (a show that places five Americans and five Canadians together to create ten successful businesses) are currently positioned.

Investors and sponsors of USA Teamwork and Cross Border Cooperation are involved in a cutting edge concept that focuses on removing the systemic barriers that sustain poverty and instead reinforce entrepreneurship and then gainful employment as new jobs are created in these new successful companies.

USA Teamwork & Cross-Border Cooperation also offers a reality show that the general public are able to interact through both television and the website to purchase products and services, sell their products and services, invest, and submit their resume.

Because the businesses work together to ensure that they are all successful, there is none of the traditional backstabbing and “I Win-You Fail” philosophies.

In addition, the website will offer a comprehensive library of current entrepreneurial information to overcome obstacles faced by the entrepreneur, including inaccurate credit reports, banking information, collection agencies, government, education system, student loans, bankruptcy, etc.

This show is pure capitalism and not welfare or handouts. The e-commerce technology will allow for someone to shop in one location and have access to all the products and services that the businesses offer. The show will make its money by quality of scale charges to the businesses, who are encouraged to use alliances to negotiate the best prices in the marketplace.

The investors are ones that want to see businesses succeed as well to build on their images. When one speaks about the banking industry, it is clear that they can benefit from fresh 21st century thinking in order to leave their archaic banking practices. This can also be applied to the education system which must offer real world training to end the high levels of unemployment that occur as a result of people not being able to find traditional employment and not succeeding in starting their own businesses. When successful entrepreneurial ventures occur , it opens up the opportunity of hiring people thus creating gainful employment versus poverty.

USA Teamwork and Cross-Border Cooperation is on the road to find the investors, sponsors and entrepreneurs that can make both these shows and themselves very successful and gainful employment a reality.

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