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Free Trial Download of ActiveX PASSPORT - an Ideal Replacement for Java-based IBM Host on Demand

As one of the market's very first IP-based connectivity solutions, the mature, feature-rich package is an ideal replacement for incumbent emulators, including IBM Host on Demand and IBM Personal Communications®. With its competitive pricing and licensing options, you can save thousands on the amount of money you would normally spend for host access.

Cost-Effective Subscription Licensing

For less than the cost most users pay for annual maintenance of products like IBM Host on Demand, Zephyr will issue a license of PASSPORT that includes host access, support and upgrades in a single package. As such, there are no extra maintenance costs. No hidden fees, and no surprises. Just fast, reliable emulation at a great price.

100-499 units: $25 per unit per year

500-999 units: $22 per unit per year

1,000-1,999 units: $20 per unit per year

2,000-4,999 units: $18 per unit per year

5,000-9,999 units: $16 per unit per year

10,000-19,999 units: $14 per unit per year

Server Component (for WEB TO HOST only): $1500 per server per year

PASSPORT Highlights

VT/100, VT/220, TN3270E, TN5250E and SCO ANSI emulation clients

FTP file transfer client

Compatible with Microsoft Windows XP, 2000, NT, 98 or 95

Allows you to consolidate multiple emulators with one terminal emulation suite

Desktop-based emulation can be deployed using SMS, MSI, Citrix, Microsoft Terminal Server and other deployment methods

Browser-based emulation can be deployed from an Apache/Tomcat, BEA, IBM WebSphere or Microsoft IIS web server

Several advanced integration options for session-based screen interface

PASSPORT HLLAPI and Object Toolkits to ease integration development

Ability to use Visual Basic and VB Script to automate routine host activity

API compatibility for HLLAPI applications written for Attachmate, IBM, Rumba and Reflection

Free Attachmate macro conversion services for clients with an annual subscription license and a minimum of 500 licenses

100% Money Back Guarantee for customers with annual subscription licenses

For the Advantages of ActiveX over Java for terminal emulation, visit:

If Microsoft® Windows is a strategic computing platform for your company, an ActiveX web to host solution offers performance, reliability, features and ease of use advantages over Java™.

PASSPORT's use of the latest Microsoft® development tools for both PC and WEB TO HOST solutions, including Visual C/C++, the Microsoft® Foundation Class, and Visual Basic Script ensures a seamless migration to Windows XP/2000, without requiring costly software and hardware upgrades.

To seamlessly switch IBM Host on Demand software users to PASSPORT for host access, focus must be placed on the following areas:

User Preferences

PASSPORT offers flexible customization options, including an easily customizable keyboard layout, that can be configured and saved as part of a standard session profile for users. It’s very important to duplicate these user interfaces for a successful transition.


Some IBM Host on Demand software users have internally developed or third party applications that use the industry-standard HLLAPI (High Level Language Application Programming Interface) to extract and pass data using the host session. If you’ve developed HLLAPI applications using Visual C or Visual Basic, in most cases it will work with PASSPORT without any modification.

Scripting and Macros

Some IBM Host on Demand software users have developed scripts to automate routine host access functions. Network administrators have recorded log-on macros to help users launch their host access session(s). If this is a requirement, PASSPORT supports the use of VB Script and Visual Basic for macro development and session-based integration.

Host Printing

For those who use IBM Host on Demand for TN3270 or TN5250 host printing, PASSPORT excels in this area. By simply configuring an LU as a 3287 LU 1 or 3 session, you can route host print data through PASSPORT.

Increased Efficiency, Reliability and Speed

As a rich host access suite, PASSPORT properly handles the IP-based host data stream. So there’s no session lockups, no need to reboot the PC, no problems with cut and paste, etc. And, for many users, there is the added benefit of faster communication with the host – especially if you access the OS/390 system directly. That’s because PASSPORT is a pure 32-bit application that’s designed specifically for Microsoft XP/2000.

The bottom line is that you can solve persistent maintenance problems and see a noticeable improvement in speed by migrating from IBM Host on Demand to PASSPORT.

Quicktrial or Download Options

There are two ways to evaluate the PASSPORT software: either download a copy of the software or do a QuickTrial of the application. With QuickTrial, there is no server installation, you simply download the client from our web server. This is a fast and easy way to look at the PASSPORT software. For those that want to install the software on their own web server, you can download the full working copy of the software and complete a full evaluation.

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