Free Gold Plated Pro-Life Pins for Bush 2005

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An online company, Pro Life Pins ( is offering free gold plated Precious Feet pins with all orders placed through its Web site during the first year of President Bush's second term. This article summarizes the Life events in January 2005 and hopes for a more pro-life future in the USA.

An online company, Pro Life Pins ( is offering free gold plated Precious Feet pins with all orders placed through its Web site during the first year of President Bush's second term.

About Life Issues in January 2005

January 2005 has been an interesting month for Life issues. This month included National Sanctity of Human Life Day (and, closely related, Sanctity of Human Life Sunday) and the anniversary of Roe v. Wade.

President Bush endorsed this year's National March for Life ( Meanwhile, his efforts to find a good compromise in limiting embryonic stem cell research have met with limited success ( , since research continues around the world and the State of California has decided to pump $300 million per year into embryonic stem cell research.

In a rewarding victory, Iraq has seen its first democratic election. This is the direct result of President George W. Bush's highly controversial War on Terror in Iraq.

The United States Supreme Court declined to overturn the technicality that means Terri Schiavo can be denied feeding tubes (, and the United States Supreme Court also decided to allow states to prevent Pro-Life license plates.

President George W. Bush was sworn in for the second time on Presidential Inauguration Day, January 20. We now have both a Republican Congress and a Republican President. Let's hope that, together, they can pass some Pro-Life legislation. We can also hope that over time the US Supreme Court becomes a bit more conservative. (After all, it is the liberalism of the US Supreme Court that gave us Roe v. Wade.)

About the Free Gold Plated Precious Feet Pins is dedicated to distributing pro-life pins, by selling them so cheap that anyone can afford them. Its primary product, nickel plated Precious Feet pins, are lapel pins "the exact size and shape of an unborn baby's feet at ten weeks after conception." These pins, an internationally recognized pro-life symbol, are great to wear on a daily basis. They are used to make a subtle but positive pro-life statement, and are also used in memory of a stillborn child, in memory of a dead infant, in pregnancy announcements, or as a gift to mothers (such as for baby showers).

Israel Steinmetz, the proprietor of the company, has been giving out free pins for years. He was raised a fundamentalist Christian for the first 13 years of his life, then was an atheist for the next 13 years, but since then has converted to Catholicism. Regardless, he has always been pro-life, even when he was an atheist.

He started his company,, in April 2003. He and his wife, Jessica Steinmetz, currently live in Phoenixville PA. Jessica is currently the Catholicism Guide at She is Ms Wheelchair Pennsylvania 2001, and has coauthored a book, Journey Into Friendship.

The free pins (worth $5 retail) are gold electroplated precious feet pins. Customers can take advantage of this offer as many times as they want, one free pin with any order, until January 20, 2006.

Further details about this offer are available at:

About Pro Life Pins

Pro Life Pins was founded in April 2003 by Israel Steinmetz, who had been buying (and giving away) precious feet pins and other pro-life pins for years. Now, he buys in bulk and passes on the savings to his customers. And, he's still giving away pins for free. The pins are manufactured by Heritage House 76, whose Web site is:

About Israel Steinmetz

Besides being an entrepreneur and Webmaster, Israel Steinmetz is experienced in positions such as help desk, administrative assistant, customer service, and data entry. He is currently doing office work for MedRisk, a company located in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, that specializes in services for the Workers´ Compensation industry. He is an active member of The Church of Saint Ann in Phoenixville. His first experience of Phoenixville was as technical head of DayStar Technology starting in 1999. His personal Web site is:

About Jessica Steinmetz

Israel is married to Jessica Steinmetz, who is Ms. Wheelchair 2001 and a freelance writer for Catholicism at Jessica coauthored a book with her friend Megan Drummond, entitled "Journey Into Friendship" (ISBN 1588511162). It is a book about their college experiences and life with disabilities. Jessica is a licensed special education teacher in the state of Pennsylvania and is a professional public speaker. Her personal Web site is:

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