Dual Standards May Be Influencing Global Proliferation of Modern-Day Slavery, Sex Tourism, Organized Crime

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Putting all the blame on government and/or media may be hypocritical dual standards. To stop corruption and organized crime behind the horror of modern-day slavery and sex tourism, no stone should be left unturned.

Ethics + Responsibility + Democracy + Accountability = Love Brotherly Love. Are we expecting government to develop and enforce what cannot be forced, which has to be in our hearts and then expressed? Proof is in the effectiveness of our statements, how it shows, how much achieved, how many recipients have benefited.

If people just go along with what organized crime wants it to do while waiting for government to stop organized crime, why should that government representing such people stop it? Why should people who feel that what they've spent in tax dollars absolves them from governing their own individual actions expect the government being supported by those tax dollars dare try to carry on the responsibility of governing the actions of individuals that individuals, themselves, ignore? If people don't have enough integrity to know or follow what's right, what's ethical, why should they expect the government that represents them, that they've established and maintained through their vote, taxes and military service to be any better? If people feel that what they pay in tax dollars absolves them of protecting their brother, caring for their neighbor, and not going along with things that harm both, why shouldn't the government representing such people feel that it's okay to use such peoples' lives to forward imperialism or some other harmful political motive? Why should money be wasted trying to stop things from going on that the people who want it stopped won't stop doing until government steps in? The popular talk about "dual standards" may be hypocritical. If people don't care for their brother or neighbor, why should the government?

Like voices in the wind or bellowing from gurgling rivers or the swishing saltwater or somehow echoing from some other source, seen, heard, sensed but not necessarily said openly, "You better do what we say and don't fight us or you'll find yourself in ALL KINDS of TROUBLE," "You have no idea of all the things we can do to you!" Words spoken openly, but supposedly not for affect on those hearing it, "He's going to be hounded for the rest of his life. It doesn't matter where he goes or what he tries to do," which is one of the reasons these people must be removed from our midst.

Heard more openly, more directly, "You have to understand, when it comes to the justice system, you have to compromise," something that should be corrected, not accepted. Justice isn't something that should be subject to negotiation. Expecting an innocent person, for example, to plead guilty to crime shouldn't even enter the mind of anyone of integrity and such situations are worsened when being orchestrated, puppet strings being pulled, by organized crime. Regardless of how small town these villains are or that they are people we know or that these atrocities being committed today are nourished by aspects of a culture that has been going on for possibly as long as some of us can remember, these "compromises," these prices we have to pay to maintain even a semblance of "freedom" is, in essence, negotiating with terrorists, a tactic we've learned not to use with terrorists.

"I've been involved with the legal system a good many years and do a good job, the best I can, but (our) laws are draconian." Said by a respected elder, relatively early after my Love was abducted before my eyes and forced into sex slavery, "They can't all run off and hide. Someone has to stay and fight the dragon!" An uncle who's long since passed away, in my remarking that I was starting to gain weight, "You should take care of that right away. Especially as you get older, the longer those pounds stay on, the more difficult it is to get rid of them."


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