Are Christopher Pittman and Andrea Yates Really Victims of Their Psychiatric Treatment?

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Finally someone is willing to tell the truth about antidepressants.

Depression is now the common cold of mental illness. At any given time as many as 25% of us are probably going through an episode, at least in its mild form. Some researchers believe depression effects everyone at some time or another. It is estimated that one in five children suffer from depression. As a result 20 million Americans take antidepressants and use is increasing by 10 percent a year. But antidepressants do not fix anything and can actually cause serious problems.

Antidepressant survivor and former pharmaceutical industry executive Jeffrey Wilson knows the inside story because he lived through a 23 year pharmaceutical coma caused by antidepressants and other psychiatric drugs. Invite this inspiring author and lecturer to discuss the truth about psychiatric drugs. Some key points he can discuss:

• Depression is not a disease like the pharmaceutical companies want us to believe. Drug companies promote depression as a terrible disease that could lead to suicide if left untreated by their product. This has led to millions of people being over medicated with drugs that have serious side effects including the potential for suicide.

• Antidepressants do not work. Antidepressants do not fix anything – the biochemical imbalance theory is a myth concocted to justify the prescription of antidepressants. These drugs are not nearly as effective as we are led to believe and can lead to addiction.

• Doctors are not doing their jobs by writing a prescription. Today’s medical system merely labels symptoms and masks their causes rather than diagnosing and treating real disorders. A manual of symptoms and labels has replaced the real work of finding the problem.

• The Government can’t and won’t protect us. The current FDA admission that antidepressants cause suicide should concern everyone taking these drugs. The FDA had the information all along but refused to acknowledge it. The recent problems with other drugs such as Vioxx and Celebrex demonstrate clearly that the government is not watching out for the consumer.

• People’s lives are being ruined by a medical system out of control. Psychiatrists have a history of using inappropriate drugs. At one time LSD and Ecstasy were used to “treat” patients. Antidepressants have been proven to cause suicidal thoughts, social withdrawal, and emotional blunting but are being prescribed at ever increasing rates.

• An even bigger crisis is coming. Children are now being targeted as the next big market for antidepressants. The federal government has launched a program that recommends screening school children for mental illness to promote the use of antidepressants.


Jeffrey Wilson is not a doctor but a survivor of the abuse inflicted on him by a medical system that blindly promotes drug use. He survived 23 years of “treatment” and is a former executive at the world’s largest distributor of pharmaceuticals where he saw first hand how corrupt the system is. He is also the author of Irrational Medicine: The Antidepressant Crisis And How To Avoid Unnecessary Behavioral Drugs, available at

Availability: Nationwide by arrangement and via telephone.

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