The L.I.V.E. - Rock For Life Concert Starring Jody Joseph & The Average Joes, Students And Friends

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The L.I.V.E. - Rock For Life Concert produced by and starring Music Instructor and Popular Jersey Shore Based Artist Jody Joseph (Jody Joseph & The Average Joes) and featuring Matt O'Ree, and their respective music students, raises $15,000 for the New Jersey Chapter of Yellow Ribbon International®

Jody Joseph, popular New Jersey music instructor, frontperson for the well known Shore act Jody Joseph & The Average Joe’s and first cousin to pop music icon Jon Bon Jovi, teamed up with the local Chapter of Yellow Ribbon International® to present the L.I.V.E. - Rock For Life Concert that benefit directly Yellow Ribbon International’s Yellow Ribbon Suicide Prevention Program® in New Jersey. The sold-out L.I.V.E. Concert took place on Saturday, January 29, 2005 at the Stone Pony in Asbury Park, New Jersey.

The L.I.V.E. (pronunciation: 'liv) - Rock For Life Concert was the vision of Joseph who felt compelled to produce a benefit and awareness concert for teenage suicide prevention after one of her students, Stephanie Fritz, 15, took her own life. Joseph approached Stephanie's father, Scott Fritz with the concept for L.I.V.E. (an acronym created by Joseph's own teen daughter; Live, Inspire, Vibe, Energy). Fritz, now the head of the New Jersey chapter of Yellow Ribbon International®, agreed.

“I have always believed that music is a universal language that has the ability to comfort and heal through some pretty dark moments,” says Joseph. "I'm glad to be part of this wonderful event that I think will change so many lives.”

The number one priority of L.I.V.E. was to increase awareness about teenage suicide, which has become an epidemic in Monmouth County, New Jersey.

8 Monmouth County teens have completed suicide in the past 16 months compared to 2 in the 4 years preceding that.

Yellow Ribbon International®, an outreach program of The Light For Life Foundation International®, was founded by the parents of Mike Emme, a popular teen who took his life in 1994. The goal of the Yellow Ribbon Suicide Prevention Program® is two-fold: Get Yellow Ribbon cards to teens and inform the public what these cards are. All a troubled teen need do is hand their Yellow Ribbon card to someone they trust and that person is to interpret it as a cry for help. The card contains important instructions so that recipient adults and peers can respond appropriately and immediately: Stay with the person, you are their lifeline! - Listen, really listen. Take them seriously! - Get, or call help immediately! Ultimately, The Yellow Ribbon Model intends to adjust societal norms to show that (1) “It's OK to Ask for Help!”® and that (2) “It's OK to Be-A-Link!”® To date the Yellow Ribbon Suicide Prevention Program® has saved an estimated 2500 lives worldwide.

"We need to get this program into the schools," Fritz says. "We've spoken to superintendents in all of Monmouth’s 52 school (districts), and they've been slow to react.”

Media has also been slow to cover the suicide epidemic. It was only until the announcement of the L.I.V.E. - Rock For Life Concert that the media began to pick up on this local health crisis. According to Fritz, one of the reasons schools and media are slow to respond to this topic is because of the false belief that talking about suicide will cause suicide.

“Kids are already talking about (suicide),” says Fritz. “It is in the movies they see and the shows they watch on TV. If they are going to talk about it they need to know that suicide is not the answer. That it is okay to ask for help. And no matter how bad things look, there are professionals that can help them.”

Don Quigley, who worked with Fritz to organize the concert, also lost his son, Sean, 14, to suicide. L.I.V.E., he said, is an important first step of breaking through the taboo that surrounds discussing suicide openly and frankly.

"If we were equipped with the education and the look-out signs, I'm sure Sean would be with us today," Quigley says.

Roughly 800 tickets, at $15 a piece, were sold. According to Quigley L.I.V.E. could have sold twice as many tickets if they had a larger venue. The evening featured performances by Jody Joseph & The Average Joe’s, fellow music instructor Matt O’Ree accompanied by his band, singer/songwriter Dawne Allynne and dozens more local musicians, including nearly 40 of Joseph and O'Ree's young students. Food and beverages were served, and over 50 items were auctioned off, including an Ovation acoustic guitar signed by Jon Bon Jovi and a custom Gibson Firebird signed by Kid Rock guitarist Kenny Olson.

The Yellow Ribbon Suicide Prevention Program® is not funded by federal dollars or large corporations, donations come only from supporters in communities. Proceeds from ticket sales, merchandise and an open auction for the L.I.V.E. - Rock For Life Concert totaled more than $15,000 and will benefit directly Yellow Ribbon Suicide Prevention Program® efforts in New Jersey.

“Suicide is a devastating tragedy for the family of the person who completes suicide, for the friends, school, and community. And, it can happen to any family. We never thought it was going to happen to ours,” says Fritz. “Education is a key. So is love. I don't think we can stop all suicides, but we can certainly keep a lot of them from happening, I have been told three kids have been helped in (Monmouth) County already, and the education is just starting.”

LFLF Int'l / YRSPP is a IRS registered not-for-profit 501 (C)(3) organization #84-1304474.

Donations In US Funds Can Be Mailed To:

Yellow Ribbon International, P.O. Box 644, Westminster, CO 80036-0644

Office: 303.429.3530 Fax: 303.426.4496

Checks Should Be Made Payable To Yellow Ribbon International.

Please Mark Your Donation "New Jersey" to reach this chapter.

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