New Book Reveals Proper Boston Terrier Care Secrets

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Â?Taking care of your Boston Terrier can be fun when you know how to do it the right way,Â? says Abhik Sarkar author of Boston Terrier Secrets.

“Being an owner of a Boston Terrier, over the years I had many questions from how to pick a puppy, to keeping him healthy, happy and well behaved. From diet, exercise, to mental agility. Or health issues that make you run to the vet at every instance. I spent months to find answers to all my questions and got frustrated with the lack of information available. As a result I decided to write a guide book that told you everything there is to know about your Boston Terrier, leaving no stone unturned” says Mr Sarkar. Boston Terrier Guide Book

Mr Sarkar has spent many years studying the Boston dog breed. Bostons do require special care but once learnt it’s not that hard to understand their needs and care for a Boston. They are worth every bit of effort of course as they will reward their owners a hundred fold in enjoyment and unwavering companionship.

Most owners may make the mistake and presume a Boston Terrier is cared for the same way as any other dog. They aren't and that mistake could cost the owners dearly in time, money and heartache. “I really get frustrated seeing Boston owners ending up with big disappointments just because they didn't have the right information at hand. There is a better way.” Says Mr Sarkar.

"Boston Terrier Secrets" is aimed at both new and old Boston Terrier owners alike with the never-ending task of taking care of their pet’s happiness and well-being. Topics covered include: Ten factors you must consider before you get a Boston Terrier as a pet, A seven point checklist to feeding and dieting for your Boston Terrier, 5 easy ways to keep your Boston Terrier well groomed, How to deal with the dreaded vet, Toilet terrors - housetraining your BostonTerrier and more.

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