A Visit To Hell

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Five Americans were to be executed in Libya after the Muslim Ramadan; they escaped but were trapped in an uninhabited Island. They died, killed in the Desert, bitten by a Mamba, shot avariciously by a Ship Captain, assassinated by iniquitous hit men, but a Bouncer running from the puissant Mafia found a suicide note left by the last one.

After a successful Jean Carnival on Campus in 1986, four American University Students traveled to Libya to meet the Father of their friends Wife. In Libya they were condemned to death with a C.I.A agent and to be executed after the Muslim Ramadan. One of them was in love with General Laden's Bride; She was the Virgin Daughter of Idris Gafy the ruler of Libya.

But they escaped with the help of an Inmate during the Bombing of Tripoli and Benghazi by the United States Air force. They were finally aided out of Libya by a local Sheik. They traveled with some black African Pilgrims returning from Mecca in a Carmel Caravan through the hot Sahara Desert. When they arrived at the Oasis of Shipro to rest, they were attacked by the Desert Robbers, and Twelve People were killed, six on their side and six on the Robber's side.

Among them was the C.I.A agent. They crossed over to the Chad Republic and were received by the Rebel leader of the NÂÂ’djamena Rebel forces whose brother was the condemned Inmate. The Rebel leader promised to help them return to the United States. He took them to the Kingdom of Ajun in the Western Sahara, from where they will travel back to the U.S. In Ajun the Commander In Chief received them well and contacted the Secretary of States. Finally the boarded a Ship sailing back to the U.S after receiving gifts of Gold bars and Diamond Stones, but their Lives was once more in danger when the Ship Captain knew about the Treasure, they escaped from the Ship and was blown by a strong Wind to an Island inhabited only by Snakes.

There was a disaster in the Island, a poisonous Mamba bit two persons and three died out of Gunshots and only two among them returned to the United States where another trouble began for them. Their story was found hidden in a Safe by a Bouncer who got into trouble with the Mob King Mario Bebera, who had come with his Mob friends to the "King's Cave" night club to celebrate his extraordinary rise to influence as a made guy in the Mafia World. A hit Man was sent after the Bouncer.


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