Gstar 2005, the Major Game Expo in Korea, on the 10th-12th November 2005

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Gstar 2005 is an international market place for games, where A to Z of games is on display. It is a must attned global game show featuring the hottest and the latest in online and mobile games, which are expected to become the leading growth sectors in the game market. And Gstar is also a place where cutting edge products and service related to the game industry debut to the world's most enthusiastic population of gamers.

The major game trade show “Gstar 2005” in Korea will be held at Korean International Exhibition Centre (KINTEX) between the 10 and 12th Nov. 2005.

For the past decade, the Asian continent has been swept by ‘Hallyu’ meaning ‘Korean wave’. Everything Korean phenomenon from entertainment content such as movies, TV drama, music and games to consumer products such as electronics, apparel and accessories has been gaining tremendous popularity throughput the region.

In this Korean phenomenon games have been a huge part of this continent–wide wave. Global leaders in the game industry are rushing to Korea to secure this important market which will act as their gateway into the entire Asia pacific market.

Fueled by one of the world’s most advanced IT infrastructures and a strong base of game enthusiasts, the Korean game market has shown astronomical growth in the last few years. The size of the Korean game market is expected to reach US$ 4.3 billion in 2005. The most significant growth of Korea game industry is coming out of China’s game market.

China’s official estimates put only games industry growth at 59% for 2004 (unofficial estimates put it higher; estimates on present size vary significantly from US$ 309m to US$ 691m: MMOGs can regularly attract between 10,000 and 700,000 simultaneous gamers; PC & console games account for only 18% of total) with an expectation that China could have 41.8m online gamers by 2007.

More significantly, it is generally acknowledged within the Asia region, as the future producer of Asia’s most popular games and the most likely driver of long-term regional games industry growth. Asian territories including China, Taiwan and other South Eastern Asia where at present, 70% of online games available are made by Korean companies. That means Korean online game industry is the driving force of the growth of Asian online game market.

As stated the recent dramatic growth in the Korean online and mobile sectors is adding a new vigor to the entire game market. More than 500 mobile game developers are releasing some 1,000 game titles a year, generating millions of downloads a month. Several mobile game publishers have been looking for the possibility to set up their studio in Korea last year. In result Mforma, a global mobile game publisher from USA, finally opened their studio in Korea for the Asian Market.

The Korean government will establish an industrial complex to act as the central point of the nation's digital content industry (Game, Animation, and Film) in western Seoul around 2007. The complex dubbed the "digital content multiplex" will be housed inside the Digital Media City in Sangam-dong along with a cultural content multiplex, which the engineering has been already started to build in 2004.

The complex will host facilities for business consulting, training, technical support, market analysis, marketing, export support, international conferences and events. The ministry will also operate a theme park where the latest technologies are available for visitors to explore. In addition, the Korean government plans to encourage domestic companies by forming cooperative networks with renowned overseas firms. For those who successfully attract foreign digital-content studios into the complex, the government will offer financial and administrative support.

In this circumstance two Korean ministries, Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Information & Communication, recently agreed that the existing 3 major game industry exhibitions that are held each year in Korea will be combined into a single, international scale trade show that will be par with E3, EGN and GC. While this new game trade show called “Gstar (G*) 2005” will cover all game platforms from arcade, console and to PC games, the show will place special highlights on online and mobile games.

A premium event, designed first and foremost as an international market place where business transactions can actually occur, Gstar 2005 will be divided into 2 sections, B2B and B2C and will feature special exhibitor services and events such as trade meetings and Asia Game Conference. This Asia game conference will provide game industry people high specification information and the important issues of online and mobile games, which will be the key trend of the future game market.

The enclosed prospectus explains the components of Gstar 2005 and how your business can benefit from taking part. Whether you are looking to exhibit in the Market Place or attend B2B events or any other B2C events, you will find the way you need to achieve your business goals in Asia at Gstar 2005.

There are several reasons you won’t be able to afford to miss Gstar 2005.

1.    Get everything you need to know about online and mobile games

2.    Conduct valuable market research and beta tests in the most advanced market in the world

3.    A success in the Korean market will carry you far in making inroads into the vast Asian market.

4.    Korea itself is an attractive and vibrant market which is growing very rapidly.

5.    Build the close working relationship with the most important game industry leaders in Asia

Gstar 2005 will get you in contact with the buyers and other industry professionals to help you achieve your goals for coming to the expo.

Would you like to join Gstar 2005 for the game industry’s greatest event in Asia and help define the future? I hope you won’t miss the opportunity to see the most dynamic market in the Asian gameindustry.

For further information about Gstar 2005, please contact or or Howard Lee on telephone +44 (0)20 7565 1964.

We hope that you will join us at Gstar 2005 in Korea.

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