New Therapy Helps Speed Recovery From Injuries

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Radiant heat from an infrared sauna by LuxSauna, proven to drastically speed up your recovery process!

For both kids and adults alike, sports are a major part of our culture. Whether baseball, football, soccer, basketball, ice skating, or swimming, many people love the thrill of competition and enjoyment of pushing the body to the limits. Unfortunately, sometimes, the body is pushed a little too hard, leading to injury.

Depending on the type and severity of the injury, healing time can take days to months. Typically, doctors will prescribe something for pain and inflammation, have the individual undergo physical therapy, and in extreme cases, perform surgery. While these options generally work well and in some cases, need to be administered, they also do not always allow the body to heal itself, naturally.

What doctors and scientists have discovered is that radiant heat is one of the best treatments to use for sprains, strains, muscle spasm, arthritis, and pain. This type of heat, also known as “infrared heat”, is capable of penetrating the body’s tissues and muscles up to two inches deep. Because of this, improvement to the injury is excellent, generally with quicker and more effective results.

The problem is that up until LuxSauna, the only way to get radiant heat was to spend a fortune at physical therapy. However, today athletes or anyone involved with sports can recover from certain types of injury, simply by relaxing in a LuxSauna while listening to their favorite music. With this infrared heat technology, oxygen debt within the body is repaid much quicker than with traditional forms of treatment or even other types of saunas.

With this, people suffering injury are back in the game and playing at optimal performance levels in no time. For this reason, individuals and professionals are finding that a LuxSauna is the perfect solution. With the LuxSauna being available in several sizes and the cost being affordable, more and more people involved in sports are taking advantage of the many benefits offered.

To give you an idea of your options, the following are the types of LuxSauna on the market today:

  • One-person – Designed with four infrared heaters, a CD player, and priced at just $2,395
  • Two-person – This too is designed with five infrared heaters and a CD player but has seating capacity for two people. The price for this LuxSauna is just $2,495.
  • Four-person – Double your pleasure with 10 infrared heaters and a CD player. This size is ideal for families, sports teams, or even sports therapy professionals. The price for this LuxSauna is $3,995.

If you are still not convinced, you can try a one-person LuxSauna designed with five infrared heaters and a CD player for just $495! That means you can put your aches and pains to the test – risk free for 30 days! Just remember that in addition to the incredible benefits achieved for athletes, the LuxSauna also helps cleanse the body of dangerous toxins, softens scars, improves cellulite, and overall, creates a relaxing and enjoyable experience! To learn more, we invite you to visit

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