LuxSauna Used to Overcome Arthritis Pain

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Infrared saunas are used worldwide by clinics, medical centers and even pro athletes to relieve pain and stimulate quick recovery. Now there is an affordable LuxSauna infrared sauna available for in-home use.

The word, “arthritis” is used to describe joint inflammation. However, when medical professionals say, “arthritis”, the term is often used loosely to describe one of 100 or more rheumatic diseases that cause stiffness, pain, and stiff joints. In addition to the

obvious effects of arthritis, it also causes problems with the supporting structures of the body to include tendons, ligaments, muscles, bones, and even some major organs.

If you are someone that lives with the pain and stiffness caused by arthritis, chances are you have tried a number of things suggested to find relief but without much success. Achieving relief from arthritis is difficult, often leaving a person feeling frustrated and sometimes, depressed.

Medical professionals and researchers in Asia made an amazing discovery with infrared heat, finding that unlike other types of heat, it can penetrate deeper into the body, which means the real problem areas are reached. In addition, infrared heat is completely safe and highly effective.

For people with arthritis and a number of other physical ailments, a new product has taken the market by storm – the LuxSauna. Not a steam sauna, this particular sauna uses infrared heat. That means as you sit on the comfortable seat, the heat is working with your body to fight pain and stiffness, penetrating to the joints where the problem resides.

Because of the LuxSauna breakthrough, close to one million units have been sold throughout Asia, Australia, and Europe. People just like you living with arthritis are now enjoying less pain, less stiffness, and less frustration. With the infrared produced in the LuxSauna, the body responds and soon, the person is moving about more freely and experiencing life to the fullest once again.

The exciting aspect of the LuxSauna is that while the heat is working to bring you relief from the arthritis, it is also providing other benefits. For instance, the infrared helps improve the skin, giving it a younger and healthier appearance, detoxifies the pollutants in the body, helps to reduce weight, and overall, allows a person to take back control of their life.

Stop being the victim of your disease and take charge of your future. With a LuxSauna, you will see and feel the difference for yourself. The saunas are beautifully designed and engineered, comfortable, and they even come with a built-in CD system, internal lighting, and digital controls. Arthritis pain can be crippling but LuxSauna can provide freedom from the grips of pain. To see the models available and affordable pricing, we welcome you to visit

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