Aegean Skin And Massage Therapies Becomes First US Spa to Offer Voice Massage™ From Finland.

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"We’re proud to be the first in the US to offer this unique therapy. Becoming the first US provider for Voice Massage™, with the only certified Voice Massage™ therapist in the US continues our strategy of being the most innovative day spa in South Florida,” says Kim Shivler, co-owner of Aegean. “This is a very specialized and important therapy, and we feel privileged to be the first in the US to offer it,” says Ms. Shivler.

Eeva Vahla, licensed massage therapist and certified Voice Massage™ therapist, has recently joined Aegean as a business partner. “Aegean was selected for the US launch of Voice Massage™ from Kuopio, Finland due to their demonstrated leadership in spa technology – they already offer Rolfing ®, Ashiatsu, Myofascial release, lymphatic drainage and many other therapies. It was a natural choice for me to partner with Aegean”. Ms. Vahla is a certified Finnish massage therapist and personal trainer with 20 years of experience in classic and innovative therapies and techniques. Ms. Vahla has an impressive track record in this space; she founded the Lady’s Fitness Center for Women in Finland in 1989 and is the only therapist in the US certified in Voice Massage ™.

“In Europe and in my native Finland especially, massage has long been a respected part of many medical therapies. I was happy to be a business partner to Aegean Skin and Massage Therapies in the US, due to their sustained, long-term focus on the health of their clients,” continues Ms. Vahla.

“Voice Massage™ is a unique therapy for people who use their voice for a living, including radio and TV announcers, actors, singers and other entertainers; even sales people who rely on voice quality. Musicians, such as saxophone players, greatly benefit from Voice Massage™ in treating facial muscles, which are greatly strained by their work,” says Ms. Vahla.

Voice Massage™

Voice Massage™ is an intensive massage therapy to treat voice disorders and dysfunctions of the vocalization apparatus to improve vocal performance. It focuses on the upper body, chest, neck, diaphragm, facial area and head, allowing for superb voice performance with less effort.

Voice Massage™ will improve breathing and posture, and a relaxed vocal tract will improve voice quality and reduce strain on the vocal cords. Opera singers, for example, are required to deliver specific and very challenging vocal results, and with Voice Massage™ they can achieve these extreme results without damage to their vocal cords.

About Aegean Skin and Massage Therapies

Aegean Skin and Massage Therapies, with two Boca Raton locations, provide a relaxing atmosphere and your favorite spa services, plus some new massage modalities you won’t be able to find easily. Whether it’s customized facials, massage, waxing, wraps and peels or spa manicures and pedicures, Aegean is an excellent choice.

Massage modalities include Rolfing ®, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports, Pre- and Post-natal, and Hot Stone massage, as well as Reflexology, Ashiatsu Bar Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage, Slipstream ™ Cupping cellulite treatments and Voice Massage ™. Aegean is unique in being the only spa in the US with Voice Massage, the first spa in the US offering Slipstream ™ Cupping cellulite treatments, and providing Rolfing ® - there are only two certified Rolfing ® practitioners in Boca Raton.

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