Soul Food, The Very Heart of Black History

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Much of African American History is tied into the "soul food" developed by slaves many years ago. Soul food expert Willie Crawford shares much of this cooking heritage on his site at For the uninitiated, chitterlings are pig intestines.

When you look at African American History, or Black History in America, soul food tells a lot of the story. Soul Food Recipes Learned On A North Carolina Tobacco Farm is one collection of soul food recipes that exemplifies what can be done with very ordinary ingredients. Willie Crawford, who grew up on welfare, shares over 250 of the recipes he learned to "fix" while growing up on that farm.

Soul food was born of the slaves, and even poor whites, having to "make due" with leftover parts of livestock, and vegetables and wildlife they harvest in the wild. The ability to turn those less-than-choice bits of grocery into something truly mouthwatering is what makes soul food something even the wealthy now have a hankering for.

Chitterlings (pig intestines), pinto beans and ham hocks, sweet potato pie, macaroni and cheese, collard greens, grits, and banana pudding are typical soul food recipes. These are the foods that just eating them has a way of soothing the soul and making one forget about all their "troubles." It a reasons soul foods are also often referred to as comfort foods.

Soul food authority - Willie Crawford created the site in 1998 to share some of his heritage and country cooking with the world. Since then the site has evolved into THE site people refer to when seeking information on soul food. Ranked #4 out of more than 11 million pages for the topic by the, it should be the starting point for anyone seeking to learn more about soul food, something that exemplifies the very heart of Black History.

The cookbook Soul Food Recipes Learned on a North Carolina Tobacco Farm can only be purchased from the website and affiliated sites. Willie Crawford is available for interviews on the topic. He can be reached at 877-262-3367.


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