New Discovery Is Helping People Achieve Astral Projection In Less Than 30 Days

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Â?Can the average man or woman really achieve an out of body experience in under 30 days?Â? asks Edward Green author of 5 Astral Projection instructional programs.

“Yes they can!” claims Mr Green whose new Astral Projection Harmonic Audio system has helped hundreds achieve an accelerated psychological change and out of body experiences.

“I remember my first few times after I mastered Astral Projection, it really opened a whole new way of thinking for me. Scientific evidence is now suggesting that we can leave our physical body and that we may even survive the death of that physical body. Using brainwave technology it was found that a certain combination of alpha and theta harmonics caused the immediate transference of consciousness away from the physical body.

Almost everyone trying these frequencies has agreed that the effect is very unusual. Several users have reported a distinct 'moving ' of their perception from the physical body. It could take a lifetime to open the door to this inner journey, the Astral Projection frequency can do it in 20 minutes.” says Mr Green.

Mr Green has experimented with the whole range of alpha and theta waves ( from 5 - 12 Hz) and has found that a combination of frequencies consistently caused a complete shift in consciousness. This feeling was likened to all of your bodily awareness, suddenly being pulled into your pineal area, the third eye or head charka as it’s know. He has recorded these frequencies which users are available to access from his website The entire audio program lasts for 20 minutes. Feedback received from users suggests that the effect is very unusual. Several have reported a distinct ‘moving’ of their perception.

Others benefits that have been discovered by using the Astral Projection Harmonic include; Increased self-respect, self-responsibility, inner dependence, memory recall and enhanced imagination.

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