Quick Solutions To Prevent Bad Breath For a Valentines Day Kiss

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Free samples help maintain fresh breath

Based on an informal survey performed at the California Breath Clinics, there will be an estimated 289% increase in kissing on Valentines Day. That’s a lot of extra mouth-to-mouth contact! Of course one of the biggest hindrances to a successful Valentines Day kiss is also one of the most embarrassing – bad breath

Although some conditions can be worse than others, just about everybody experiences bad breath or halitosis at one time or another. Most dentists agree that the best way to prevent halitosis is to use a non-SLS toothpaste and non-alcohol mouthwash, or better yet, an oral solution that contains chlorine dioxide. But sometimes that’s not convenient – especially at the end of a Valentines Day Dinner before the good-night kiss.

Dr. Harold Katz from the California Breath Clinics recommends one of a variety of ‘On-the-go’ breath fresheners designed to immediately freshen breath and neutralize odors.

“The big problem with most ‘quick’ breath fresheners is that they attempt to cover-up or mask odors instead of neutralizing them” Katz says. “On the surface you may taste mint, but when it comes right down to it the breath problem still exists and will most likely resurface after a short period of time”.

Katz also recommends staying away from any mint, gum, or breath freshener that contains sugar or alcohol. “Sugar is actually a food source for the anaerobic bacteria that cause bad breath. When you eat a sugary breath mint you’re actually adding fuel to the fire!”

“Also, alcohol has a drying effect on the mouth, and should be avoided as much as possible since a dry mouth facilitates bad breath.” Katz adds. “If you do have a couple of alcoholic drinks, make sure you keep an effective On-The-Go breath freshener handy.”

In addition to his clinical practice of treating patients with chronic halitosis, Katz and his associates have developed their own line of effective, clinical On-The-Go breath fresheners in the form of chewing gum, breath mints, and breathstrips that the average person can use to help combat halitosis.

Free Samples of these On-The-Go breath fresheners are available from their website at http://www.therabreath.com/web/onthego


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