Artemis Solutions Group Announces a Dramatic Price Drop on the BioCert® Guardian™ Fingerprint Door Lock - Biometric Security for Under US$200

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Imagine securing your home with the latest in fingerprint biometric technology and at the same time eliminating the headache of shared or lost keys. Now you can with the BioCert® Guardian™ Biometric Door Lock from Biometrics Direct... All for much less than you might imagine! The BioCert® Guardian™ fingerprint door lock runs exclusively on battery power. Powered by 4 AA batteries, it can be operated for up to a year without changing the batteries. Fingerprint enrollment is quick and easy. Up to 138 users can be enrolled directly on the fingerprint lock at the door.

US Company - Artemis Solutions Group, a privately held biometric and smart card technology company is releasing for sale and distribution the revolutionary BioCert® Guardian™ Fingerprint Door Lock. This revolutionary consumer product is squarely targeted at home and small business consumers with a retail price of $199.95.

"In addition to being a refuge from the hectic pace of the modern day world, our homes are a gathering place for friends and family.

Often it is necessary for us to grant others access to our homes when we are not available or for us to have access without a key.

Now you can secure your home with the BioCert Guardian fingerprint door lock. Our core marketing message for this product is "BioCert® - The Power of You™", and this technology really lives up to that slogan. Only people that you personally authorize can unlock the door with their fingerprint." states James Childers - President of Artemis Solutions Group. (

"This revolutionary technology was developed and integrated by our partner Adel for use in China and Hong Kong and now the BioCert® Guardian™ fingerprint door lock is becoming one of the hottest technology items for homes and small business throughout the globe." said Mac McGolpin - Operations Director for Intelligent Biometric Solutions, LTD. (

The BioCert trademark is registered in the United States and is exclusively owned by Artemis Solutions Group which operates a group of biometric and smart card companies with distributorships and authorized resellers in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe and Hong Kong.

Intelligent Biometric Solutions Ltd is the sourcing arm affiliated with Artemis Solutions Group.

BioCert® door locks have recently been featured in the smash hit Extreme Makeover Home Edition on ABC Television and in the hit movie iRobot starring Will Smith. The drawback to these locks in the past has been their high price and required professional installation because of a mortise lockset.

Mr. Childers clarifies - "Traditionally, biometric locks have been based upon the highly secure 5 latch international mortise. This type of mortise is used primarily in hotels, banks and office buildings because of the increased strength of the latch. Unfortunately product requires a professional carpenter or locksmith to route out a hole to install the lock. We designed the BioCert Guardian Fingerprint Door Lock to be used either stand alone or in conjunction with the customers existing deadbolt.

One of the best features of the BioCert® Guardian™ fingerprint door lock is that it uses a standard cylindrical lockset with both a 2 3/8 or 2 3/4" backset supplied and can be quickly installed in most doors with little effort.

I myself am all thumbs when it comes to mechanical projects and yes... even I had this installed, up and running on my office door in under 20 minutes with NO additional tools required. Everything I needed was right in the box!"

The BioCert® Guardian™ Fingerprint Door Lock is designed as a secure biometric door lock for home and small business with the following unique benefits -

Security and Peace of Mind - The Many uses of the BioCert® Guardian™ fingerprint door lock

Home Use -

Family - From the student that is fresh off to college to the family member that occasionally visits and arrives late in the night, it is often necessary for family members to have a way to enter our homes without additional intervention on our part. Currently the only ways to accommodate these scenarios is by giving the individual a key or leaving one in a location that can be readily accessed (under the proverbial door mat). But what happens when someone loses their key, worse yet, what happens when you need to change the locks because a key left in an easily guessed location was lost or stolen? With the BioCert® Guardian™ fingerprint door lock you can program up to 138 individuals fingerprints into the lock for immediate access. This allows you to grant access to any individual you choose.

Walkers & Joggers - There is nothing quite like an early morning walk or jog to jump start your day. Carrying extra items like wallets, purses and keys is not convenient for this activity. While it is possible to simply leave your front door open or leave a key under the mat, this is not conducive to good home security. Why not use something you always take with you to open the door? Your fingerprint cannot be lost, stolen or forgotten with the BioCert® Guardian™ fingerprint door lock.

Children - In today's society most families have parents that work. Often in single parent families or families where both parents are working outside the home it is necessary for children to have access to the home while the parents are away. Entrusting even the most responsible child with a key is problematic. Keys that are lost, stolen or simply left in a desk at school will not ensure that your child arrives safely inside the house after a day at school. With the BioCert® Guardian™ fingerprint door lock you can have confidence in knowing that your child has access to the safety of your home even when you can't be there.

Shared Residence, Condos, Apartments & Time Shares - If you own a piece of property where you share ownership such as a condo, leased apartment or vacation home, the BioCert® Guardian™ fingerprint door lock will allow you to grant access to all ownership parties while maintaining absolute control over who has access. You can be guaranteed that there will be no key swapping or sharing and that only the authorized individuals have access using the security of Fingerprint Biometric Technology.

Office Use - Management Suite and Human Resource Offices - Protect your business' most important assets and the future of your company with the Biometric Security Features of the BioCert® Guardian™ fingerprint door lock.

Secure the IT Closet or Server Room with the BioCert® Guardian™ fingerprint door lock. With the growing importance of ecommerce and online transaction processing the security of your IT infrastructure has never been so critical as it is now.

Technology & Supplies Store Room - It is frighteningly true that most theft in small business is from internal sources. Most organizations don't even realize that they have been too trustworthy until it is too late. While most employees are honest and worthy of the great trust we place in them, there can be those within your organization that have less than honest intent.

Don't even give an unscrupulous employee a chance. Whether the loss in your organization is an employee stealing high ticket items to turn into ready cash by selling them on an internet auction site or an employee pilfering office supplies, you can trust your security to the BioCert® Guardian™ fingerprint door lock.

Features of the BioCert® Guardian™ fingerprint door lock:

  • Unlocking Options: Fingerprint, PIN/code or Mechanical Key
  • Cylindrical lockset - Easy to install and simple to operate
  • No PC Connection Required
  • Total 138 fingerprint users
  • Fingerprint can be added and erased on the lock directly
  • Integrated cast steel with stainless steel finish
  • Lock can be set to "normally open" status for meetings or events
  • Concealed mechanical Key override for emergency
  • No external wiring required - Operates on 4 AA Batteries with easy Battery Replacement
  • Outside lever free to rotate in locked mode
  • Single Step Egress for Fire Code Compliance

Specifications of the BioCert® Guardian™ fingerprint door lock:

  • Image capture time: 1 seconds
  • Response time: 1 seconds
  • FAR (False acceptance rate): 0.0001%
  • FRR (False rejection rate): 0.0001%
  • Operation voltage: DC6V
  • Operating current: =540mA
  • Operating temperature indoors: -8c~ +85c
  • Operating temperature outdoors: -8c~ +85c
  • Operating humidity: 20%~90%
  • Finger capacity: 138
  • Number of fingerprints to register per user: Two
  • Applications (stand-alone): Banking, warehouse, office, home, etc.
  • Door requirements (2): If the lock is for a secure entry door, the installation should be performed by a qualified locksmith.

The BioCert® Guardian™ fingerprint door lock lock is setting new standards for home security and safety, but the best feature of all is its price - only $199.95! Free UPS Ground Shipping in the US is also included.

Intelligent Biometric Solutions Ltd is the sourcing arm affiliated with Artemis Solutions Group.

The BioCert® Guardian™ Fingerprint Door Lock is being sold through the following authorized retailers and outlets -

By Telephone Toll Free in US and Canada - Biometrics Direct - 1-800-519-8800

This product can be purchased securely online:

Asia - Intelligent Biometric Solutions Ltd.

Australia - Intelligent Biometric Solutions Australia

Americas and Global - Artemis Solutions Group Direct Website - Global Site - US Site - Canada - Mexico

Artemis Solutions Group has an active global dealer program for locksmiths, home builders, remodeling specialists and retail shops. Those interested are encouraged to contact Mr. Childers directly by email at or by phone at 1-800-519-8800

Artemis Solutions Group is a privately held Company founded in 2001. Our Global Operations Headquarters is located in Freeland, Washington on lovely Whidbey Island - just outside of Seattle.


Artemis Solutions Group, through its operating group of companies provides best of breed security solutions utilizing biometric and smart card methodologies. Our focus is on supplying relevant and unique security enhancing solutions to local, regional governments, mid-market enterprise customers and home users.


Global Headquarters Site -

International Design, Manufacturing, Sales, Distribution and Logistics -

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