Spilled Lumber and Pipes are in the 40% Category of AAA’s Study on Road Debris. Using Load-Helper™ Will Reduce this Dramatically

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Road Debris is the cause for many Accidents or Fatalities. For most of them, they could have been prevented if extra precautions were taken while securing a load. For every state there is a law that states a load must be secure. These laws are not being enforced because there is no product to help enforce them, Now There Is.

You’re driving down the roadway and a truck hauling lumber, pipes and a ladder gets in front of you and if their load looks unsafe, your first thought is, “I have to get in front of him”. Why, because he might lose his load. If you’re driving behind a truck with the same load, but it is contained in a manner that will prevent it from slipping out, you will feel 100% safer.

http://www.load-helper.com features a unique Safety Product designed to prevent materials from slipping forward or backward. This will reduce the amount of construction-related road debris found on the roadways.

Load-Helper™ secures a load in a manner that was never thought possible. It is very simple to use. Securing a load just got easier.

In our research, every state spends millions of dollars a year on clearing Road Debris from the highways. AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety stated in a June 2004 study, “it can be estimated that Vehicle-Related Road Debris causes over 25,000 crashes per year and claims 81 to 90 lives per year”. Road Debris is an escalating problem for contractors, as they are spending money to repair or replace vehicles and materials that have been damaged due to a fallen load. If motorists strike road debris on the roadways, they are liable, unless they can identify the violator.

AAA Foundation President, Peter Kissinger stated in the Detroit Free Press on June 17, 2004, "Many of the crashes can be prevented if truckers and motorists secure their loads properly and report debris that they encounter on the road."

The Construction and Contractor Industries have changed dramatically throughout the years with better vehicles and better tie down materials, but the method of tying down materials has relatively stayed the same. There are various types of tiedowns, including straps, buckles, ratchets and many more. All these products will tighten your load, but what do you do if your load begins moving forward or backward? What is going to keep your materials from falling onto the roadways?    

Each Load-Helper™ Cargo Enclosure comes with a Cargo Extension (for those extra long loads) and a pouch with a Red Warning Flag. They are available in Small, Medium and Large sizes making it suitable for all your loads. Load-Helper LLC has a patent pending on all of its Safety Products.

Future products include unique tiedowns for ladders, plywood and drywall.

Load-Helper LLC was founded on October 18, 2004. We pride ourselves in creating Safety Products that will improve the method of transporting materials. “Keep It Tite, Keep It Rite, Keep It Safe”

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