Weight Loss Stalled? Your Hormones May be to Blame

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Hormone imbalances can make it difficult and sometimes even impossible to lose weight.

You've tried and tried to lose weight - low cal, low fat, no fat, juice fasting, cabbage soup, you name it, and nothing seems to work. Oh, sure, you lose five pounds the first week - everyone does at the start of a new diet - but after that things just seemed to stall out. No matter how hard you try, the scales stop moving early-on. After a week or two of this you give up again. Those five "lost pounds" come back and bring a few more of their friends with them. The diet - lose - stall - regain cycle gets repeated over and over. For many people, life means constant dieting but never coming anywhere near their goal weight.

Like most people, you are probably convinced that your lack of dieting success is not from lack of trying. You may have wondered if there was something wrong with you that keeps you from being able to lose weight - something like your hormones. If this thought crossed your mind, there's a good chance you are right. Recent research presented in a new book by noted bariatric physician Dr. Dana Myatt shows that it may indeed be your hormones, not simple lack of willpower, keeping you fat.

According to Dr. Myatt in her new book "The Super Fast Diet" (http://www.super-fast-diet.com), overweight is often caused by mid-life hormone changes. It is this "Hormone Connection" that may be making it difficult if not impossible for you to lose weight, and most weight-loss diets actually make the problem worse instead of better.

Dr. Myatt provides compelling explanations backed by extensive research to show why and how dieting is actually making people fatter. She also explains why being fat causes hormone imbalances that make it almost impossible to lose weight. Says Myatt, "The fatter you get, the fatter you are going to get. Until the cycle of malnutrition and resulting hormone imbalances is broken, attempts to lose weight are going to be met with resistance by our bodies."

The "Super Fast Diet" offers new hope to dieters. The chapter on weight-regulating hormones explains how malnutrition causes fat-promoting hormone imbalances that keep us fat, and how these same hormones have wide-ranging effects in other areas of our bodies. Though Dr. Myatt recommends hormone testing to determine the exact nature of our personal hormone imbalances, she assures readers that following The Super Fast Diet alone will begin to correct weight-related hormone imbalances.

When pressed for proof, Dr. Myatt refers readers to the extensive reference section of her book, noting that "There is a wealth of solid, scientific research behind this - research that shows, time and again, that malnutrition and dieting cause a cascade of hormone changes that contribute to overweight. Worse, these same hormone imbalances are aggravated by dieting. Correcting malnutrition promptly alters hormone balance and allows for easier weight loss." In addition to solid research and references, Dr. Myatt offers her clinical experience as further evidence.

"I see this problem frequently in my practice," says Myatt. "Putting people on a corrective diet, that is, correcting their nutritional deficiencies, results not only in prompt and satisfying weight loss, but also rapid correction of many other health problems such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, insulin resistance and the pre-diabetic condition 'Syndrome X' which has become an American epidemic. By following "The Super Fast Diet", my patients not only get slim, they frequently no longer require blood pressure pills, cholesterol medications and diabetic treatment."

Dr. Myatt, who has a nationwide and international medical consulting practice and operates Dr. Myatt's Wellness Club (http://www.Dr-MyattsWellnessClub.com) with her husband and co-author "Nurse Mark," says that she wrote "The Super Fast Diet" because she "...wanted to help more than just one person at a time. Everyone who is finding it difficult to lose weight can now benefit from our research and experience. I want overweight people to be able to stop struggling and lose their excess as easily as many of my overweight patients have." The book is available in electronic form at http://www.Super-Fast-Diet.com.

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