VP-II M – Providing High Security in Biometrics and Physical Access Control

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VP-II Offers a new paradigm in biometric security solutions. I-On Asia is a Hong Kong and Macau based distributor of the VP-II Hand Vascular Pattern Recognition System. VP-II provides maximum flexibility and application opportunities within the biometric security market.

Companies are increasingly turning to the biometrics market as a means to provide high security, cost effective solutions to their everyday security problems. However to simply to focus on the physical access control advantages offered by biometric technology is to miss the point. Biometrics technology can be adapted to existing applications to further secure today’s environment. This ranges from using biometric devices to secure network access and multi-layered access to information databases, cash registers to e-commerce opportunities in everyday banking. Biometrics is increasingly being adopted to reduce the risk of fraud in welfare and social payments and provide a more secure way to validate a person’s identity.

The VP-II Hand Vascular Pattern Recognition System, developed by South Korea’s Techsphere takes the biometrics market to a new level. This revolutionary technology originated from a conventional vein pattern recognition system. The system verifies or recognizes users by utilizing a state-of-the art recognition algorithm based on hand vascular patterns extracted by an infrared optical sensor system. Unlike other biometrics systems which can be “hacked”, the VP-II M leaves no human residue, such as a fingerprint which may be used to overcome the system.

I-On Asia has acquired the sole distribution rights for VP-II in Hong Kong and Macau. Recognizing the superior performance of VP-II, Mr Derek Elmer, Managing Director of I-On Asia is confident that the system will meet all the requirements demanded in today’s business environment. “Gone are the days of using keys, security cards and PIN’s as a means to verify and allow someone access to something. As identity theft, fraud and every day business issues concerning security of the workplace continue to climb organizations are looking for new ways to provide secure environments for their people, property and information. With VP-II we are confident that it will meet the many application settings required by today’s business.”

The primary selling point of Techsphere’s system is that it has the best performance rate of a biometric device and the widest possible application for use in the general public. Common and widely accepted biometric devices such as fingerprint technology have a usability rate of 95%. This is because some people do not have the necessary fingerprint that a device can read and register as a security mark. By comparison the VP-II has a usability rate of 99.98%. The other outstanding feature of VP-II is a false acceptance rate of 0.0001% (the ability to falsely allow someone access) and a false rejection rate of 0.1%.

A number of companies have recognized the benefits of vein-pattern recognition. The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi, Japan’s third largest bank has installed VP-II M as the security system in its offices. Similarly Suruga Bank has installed the system in more than 60 branches as a means to identify customers at its teller windows. As Mr Richard Hopping, I-On Asia’s Associate Director – Physical Security and Biometrics Division notes, “The benefit of VP-II is more than about installing a high security access control system. VP-II is also able to offer the widest possible application settings from server, application and workstation security to time and attendance and fraud prevention. Furthermore ongoing costs associated with card and key replacement, or password maintenance are reduced considerably. The other outstanding feature is that it can be integrated into existing networks with minimal cost and development time.”

I-On Asia expects to install 500 to 1,000 units in Hong Kong and Macau in the coming year. The company is confident that hotel’s and other business looking for a secure and unique keyless entry system will see the advantages of installing the system. I-On Asia is also confident that companies looking to secure their networks and sensitive areas will see the benefits of integrating VP-II within their existing systems. I-On Asia also sees enormous potential in the property development sector as developers look to enhance the security features of their projects.

I-On Asia is a Hong Kong based company dealing with hand vascular pattern recognition security product and services in Hong Kong and Macau.

Contact: Richard Hopping, Associate Director – Physical Security and Biometrics Division

Phone: (852) 2217 4244

Email: richard@ionasia.com.hk

Website: http://www.ionbiosecurity.com.hk


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