Optima Responds to Sonic Solutions

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During a recent interview with JMP Securities LLC, Sonic's CEO made several remarks to the analyst and Optima would like to set the record straight.

Optima Technology, an Irvine, California-based software company last month named Sonic Solutions (NasdaqNM: SNIC) as a second defendant. The Complaint (Federal Case No. SACV03-1776 JVS ANx) is now filed against the former Roxio/Napster (NasdaqNM: NAPS) and Sonic.

During a recent interview with Amy S. Feng of JMP Securities LLC, Robert Doris, CEO of Sonic, made several remarks to the analyst that Optima finds untrue and would like to set the record straight. “It’s beyond me to speculate why Mr. Doris made such comments to the securities analyst. Perhaps to increase the value of his company’s declining stock value after their loss at the Markman hearing?” said Robert Adams CEO of Optima Technology Corporation.

1. The most SNIC will lose, in a worst case scenario, is $300,000-400,000.

2. Roxio/Sonic absolutely won the Markman Hearing and ‘Optima was not pleased at all.’

3. The CEO of Optima has called me weekly wanting to settle.

4. I am not sure, but it does make me wonder why Optima is not going after companies like Pinnacle Systems, Inc.

Optima’s responses to set the record straight:

1. Sonic’s 10-Q report dated 09FEB2005 (released after the interview) says that ‘We inherited any potential liability related to this suit, and have been joined as a co-defendant in the case.’ “Based on the economist estimates and damages they caused Optima, Sonic/Roxio is on the hook for well over a hundred million dollars in just past royalties, damages and future licensing fees of our intellectual property,” said Robert Adams.

2. Sonic lost the Markman hearing and it was proven that their counter lawsuit was frivolous. Sonic’s attorney asked Optima’s attorneys if the company would agree to Sonic filing an appeal regarding the loss at the Markman hearing. Optima’s attorneys responded, “nice try, did you think we just fell off the turnip truck?” Optima could not be more pleased with the win over Roxio/Sonic at the recent Markman hearing.

3. Robert Adams said, “I have not nor has any of my staff ever called Bob. Besides exchanges between my attorneys and Sonic, I did email Sonic after their loss at the Markman hearing and offered them a way out of this problem.”

4. Roxio/Sonic were made aware that their company is the first target of the lawsuit but it was also made clear that they are not the main target in the lawsuit, but only a steppingstone to Optima’s goals. “No, Bob, I am not going to fall for that and go after Pinnacle Systems. Inc. regardless of whether you think I should just because you tell me that they are infringing,” said Adams. “Pinnacle is not the main target of our company and you know this so why stoop to such a low level and try to use me to hurt your competitors in this manner?”

“Optima is in the process of re-grouping with a new, more aggressive set of attorneys and will soon have its war chest of funds from our investors well exceeding what it will take to shut down Sonic and Roxio/Napster before going after the main target,” said Adams. “We have come down this road only because they and others have refused to enter into licensing agreements for our infringed patents.”

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