Kicking the Smoking Habit After Forty Years Takes Laser Focus

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Forty years and a hundred thousand dollars later, author Brian Keelan found a way to break the smoking habit. At fifteen, lured by splashy ads in Life Magazine of John Wayne smoking Camel cigarettes, Keelan took up the habit. Over the years he’s smoked an average of 9,125 cigarettes a year or 760 per month. Twenty five years later, while watching the Academy Awards, Brian witnessed the devastating effects of smoking when his hero John Wayne walked on stage in his final weeks of lung cancer. The shock of seeing the once brilliant movie hero looking sunken and ill stunned Keelan into a realization of what could follow for himself.

For over forty years, Brian tried numerous methods of quitting, sometimes stopping for a month or two, but always returning to the habit. Then sometime after watching a news program about the high success rate of those who had used Laser Therapy, he decided to try it.

Today Keelan is in his fiftieth smoke-free month, and has saved around $9,600, money he is pouring back into his campaign to educate youth and adults on how to beat the smoking habit.

Since he stopped smoking, Keelan has become one of Canada’s leading advocates against the cigarette industry. In his book, Free At Last Keelan shares the story of how he finally relinquished the habit that bound him for so long. Brian teaches smoking cessation programmes across North America in High Schools and to groups.

His book not only shows how to quit or stop as Keelan says quitting doesn’t work, but why to quit and where to go for help.

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Today Keelan travels across North American, sharing his views about the effects of smoking on radio, television and in seminars and workshops.


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