Alcohol Hangover Relief Announces Breakthrough in Hangover Treatment

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Eight out of ten "binge" drinkers recently endorsed extra-strength AHR for hangover relief and prevention.

Alcohol Hangover Relief (AHR), a new and un-paralleled hangover relief formula, was recently tested in London with a remarkable 80% acceptance rate. The test group of heavy "binge" drinkers used the extra-strength version of AHR with high endorsement and success. Free samples are available on the website at

According to the creator of AHR, Kenneth McCadden, "AHR is the only product that I know of that can be used to treat an existing hangover, with no more popping pills before, during or after a night on the town. All other available remedies may be used to prevent a hangover, but they can’t treat an existing hangover. AHR can do both, whether before bed or after getting up. How many thousands of man hours could be saved if a user could get rid of a hangover and report to work the following day? Employers may find that the cost of AHR is a small price to pay to eliminate absenteeism."

Derived entirely of organic sulfur in powdered form, mixed with water or juice and consumed before bed, AHR provides hangover relief and prevention for over 90% of users. Not to be confused with many sulfa-based drugs, organic sulfur is no more toxic than a glass of water. Additionally, it is impossible to overdose on organic sulfur as it is a completely safe compound that exists in everyone’s body, like water, salt and magnesium, etc.

As a substitute to popular hangover fixes such as the Bloody Mary and Virgin Mary, Mr. McCadden has discovered a new "Mary" drink called the Hail Mary, consisting of a Virgin Mary with a packet of AHR powder. Says Mr. McCadden, "Both the Bloody Mary and Virgin Mary are popular amongst the 'next day' crowd; they taste good, but they don’t provide any relief. Not only does the Hail Mary taste good, but it provides hangover relief usually within an hour, even less if you use extra-strength AHR."

In addition, AHR is an excellent companion to the "liquid lunch," reversing the effects of any alcohol consumed near lunchtime. Mr. McCadden shared his lunchtime secret by explaining, "I keep a packet of AHR in my wallet for unexpected get-togethers. Mixing a packet of AHR with a glass of water before going to lunch provides me with relief from any hangover or alcohol-related symptoms after the consumption of a 'liquid lunch' of 2-3 drinks. Though one solution doesn’t necessarily work for everyone, I have experienced fantastic results."

About Alcohol Hangover Relief

Purchase of AHR is covered by a complete money-back guarantee and available online at the Alcohol Hangover Relief website. AHR is patent-pending, and distribution opportunities are currently available worldwide. Free samples are available online by sending in a self-addressed, stamped envelope. Please visit for more information.

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