Synthesis CEO to Lecture at the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business

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Mark Benyovszky will address MBA students, and will present the Zero DeltaÂ? methodology for enterprise excellence - a new approach to managing the strategy to execution lifecycle.

Synthesis Consulting Partners, Ltd. (“Synthesis”), an innovative management consulting company and provider of enterprise strategy management software solutions, today announced that the company’s CEO, Mark Benyovszky, has been invited to be a guest lecturer at the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business.

Mr. Benyovszky will lecture on the topic of ‘On a New Approach to Managing the Strategy to Execution Lifecycle’. Mr. Benyovszky’s lecture will include an overview of Zero Delta™, a methodology designed to link strategy to execution.

Zero Delta addresses a common and very significant challenge that many enterprise leaders face. That challenge is the continuous alignment and integration of the various strategies that exist across the organization, with the operational realities of execution, risk management, governance and control.

Zero Delta incorporates a process and a framework for linking strategy to execution, and a supporting meta-model for enterprise knowledge management. It is complemented by a set of software tools that is designed to aide in the process of gathering and managing information that is typically associated with the strategy and tactical execution plans of an organization.

“Getting from strategy to execution should not be a ‘leap-of-faith’. Traditional approaches to managing strategy and execution do not meet the requirements of today’s competitive landscapes. We know that there’s a smarter approach to making this transition, and have incorporated proven concepts, practices, and methods into the Zero Delta methodology." commented Benyovszky.

“We have a track record of helping our clients realize their strategic objectives, and have been instrumental in identifying value creation opportunities vis-à-vis Zero Delta. Our overall approach to working with our clients is unlike any other consulting company -- we encourage our clients to embrace Zero Delta inside their organization so that they can create a core competency around this critical process and enterprise-level function.”

Zero Delta at a Global Oil Field Services Company

Several years ago, some of the concepts and practices that make up Zero Delta were applied at a multi-billion dollar oil field services company that has operations around the world. Zero Delta was executed using a ‘bottom-up’ approach, whereby the operational strategy of the organization was ‘reverse engineered’ by understanding the full scope of issues, challenges, and opportunities that exist inside the organization, across process areas, and with the information systems used to support the business.

For this client, we identified several areas wherein value creation could be realized. The Zero Delta strategic roadmap, an output of the process, illustrated how various initiatives should be structured in order to realize value creation opportunities of the magnitude of several hundred million dollars.

Zero Delta at a Large Electricity Distribution Company

More recently, the Zero Delta methodology was executed at a large electricity distributor located in the Middle East. Zero Delta was executed using a combined ‘top-down’ and ‘bottom-up’ approach. The Zero Delta consulting team worked with the board of directors of the organization as well as the line staff. The team identified major business and technology areas that need to be considered in light of the organization’s intended go-forward business strategy as well as general issues associated with achieving overall enterprise, process, and technology excellence.

An immediate benefit to the company was the avoidance of a multi-million dollar enterprise-wide technology project that was not aligned to the needs of the business. Had the company moved forward with this project, it likely would have placed revenues at risk, realized significant cost over-runs, created an ‘environment of animosity’, and would have negatively impacted the customer and shareholder goodwill that has been created over the years.

Zero Delta is a general methodology that can be applied across all industries and industry segments and is designed to meet different requirements for country localization and internationalization. Zero Delta is all about eliminating the variability between the strategy and operational platforms of an organization, hence the name Zero Delta.

“I am excited to have this opportunity to share our experiences and the Zero Delta methodology with the MBA students at the University of Chicago. University of Chicago is known for grooming future business leaders. This lecture represents an opportunity to collaborate with some of the brightest minds in order to continue to seek out new ways to achieve greater levels of enterprise excellence." added Benyovszky.

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About Synthesis Consulting Partners, Ltd.

Synthesis Consulting Partners, Ltd. is an innovative management consulting company and provider of enterprise strategy software solutions. Synthesis is the creator of Zero Delta, a comprehensive management approach and methodology designed to help companies achieve and maintain continuous integration and alignment between their strategy and operational platforms. Synthesis has offices in the United States and Australia, and has strategic alliances with companies in South Africa, Europe, and the Middle East.

About the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business

The University of Chicago Graduate School of Business is one of the world’s largest and oldest business schools. It offers full-time and part-time MBA programs in addition to a Ph.D. program, open enrollment executive education and custom corporate education. The school currently has campuses in Chicago, Barcelona and Singapore. Current enrollment includes 1,100 full-time MBA students, 1,900 part-time MBA students, and 110 Ph.D. students. Six current or former faculty members have won the Nobel Prize in Economics.


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